Why i invested in the escrow platform PayFair!

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What Is Payfair?

Payfair is a decentralized escrow and a P2P crypto-exchange platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. PayFair has a goal to transform the PFR token into an essential instrument which traders need to ensure for 100% peace of mind in their transactions. Using escrows, it allows trig parties to hold and mediates payment of funds and goods between parties during transactions. The purpose of an escrow is to allow for secure and reliable payment between trustless parties.

Passive Income opportunities

I am a huge fan of Passive Income such as COSS and Kucoin. PayFair is another token that can generate you passive income with their node system! not only is it passive income but it's also spread out on multiple different coins and tokens! I really like that as it will accumulate alt coins over time that might be worth a lot more in the future!

Is it worth it right now?

It Depends on what you want, if you are investing in the future I would say it is 100% worth it to invest in PFR. However, if you want a quick flip I would stay away from PFR as it is a quite high-risk investment. with that said, it is the type of investments I like to get into because with the crypto market as it is right now going up and down as long as you buy while the market is low after a big crash you rarely lose money on these type of investments. COSS went from 0.05$ to 3$ and dropped back down to 0.20$ if you bought at the top, of course, you would lose money but that's where you need to educate yourself.

The Node Systems!

Payfair is using 2 different node systems they are called Trust nodes (passive income) and Escrow nodes (Active Income). a Trust Node requires you to have a minimum of 10000 PFR tokens (roughly 1k$ at this time) and the Escrow node requires 250$ worth of PFR tokens (about 2700 at time of writing)
currently, the payouts are not the highest as the marketing campaign is yet to start, however, I believe the project has the potential to be big because you don't require KYC or any documents when using it. (localbitcoin requires KYC now)


LocalBitcoins adopting KYC is like PayFair winning the lottery. LOL (probably the best news this project could hear as it eliminates their main competition.)