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There are varying definitions of the expression, but the concept remains the same: The initiator or beneficiary of a good deed, pays it forward to others, rather than reciprocating benefit back to the initiator. That is the philosophy in a nutshell. I would like to explain a bit about how I am incorporating this. I made some​ remarks about pay it forward in my last post, but I have been refining the idea a bit more.

In a conversation​ with @thatsweeneyguy on discord, I mentioned that I wanted to start a 'pay it forward' type of initiative. He and I exchanged various ways we had both applied that philosophy IRL (in real life); buying a coffee or even paying a toll on the highway were two ways that we had applied this simple 'gesture'. When he offered me the opportunity to design covers for @steemfreelancers & another project of his @thriveordie, it all seemed to come together​. I received payment for the designs in STEEM and also 2 memberships to the #SFG. As @thatsweeneyguy mentioned in this testimonial post - I will be giving away these memberships in my own special way. I have already 'paid it forward' for two other great Steemians, @mental-extract & @finnian. I have TWO memberships still to offer, so stay tuned for that!

Many times this becomes a "trend" that can carry far, far beyond any realistic expectation. We cannot measure the benefit - as each result further creates another. Like a chain - like a blockchain!

"Pay it forward" is implemented in contract law of loans in the concept of third-party​ beneficiaries. Specifically, the creditor offers the debtor the option of paying the debt forward by lending it to a third person instead of paying it back to the original creditor. This contract may include the provision that the debtor may repay the debt in kind, lending the same amount to a similarly disadvantaged party once they have the means, and under the same conditions. Debt and payments can be monetary or by good deeds. A related type of transaction, which starts with a gift instead of a loan, is alternative giving. pay it forward •

We already function in a strikingly​ similar way here on Steemit. Many go out of their way to help newer users. I am one of those people who has​ benefited​ from an experienced Steemian extending their help to make my experience a better one. I am still rather new, but I have and will continue to 'pay it forward' in doing the same for the community.


Paying it forward is something that can be easily applied to our many of our daily actions. Steemit is certainly a great place to test this philosophy, being a community that is already teaming with philanthropy and kind gestures. I can't find a single reason why this philosophy would not align with that and be put into action in so many different​ ways on Steemit.. So, I say 'Why Not?'


I have a few art/design related services that I will offer to the Steemit community: Icon design, cover image/banner design, post cover graphics, formatting, and a few others nearing their 'debut'. I have done plenty of voluntary service at no charge since I joined Steemit (225 days ago!). I have already reached well over one hundred unique designs for fellow steemians at no charge. I am now offering paid services and because my time is limited, I must get creative!

• Each person that I complete a #steemgig for will be asked to nominate another Steemit user to be added to my PAY IT FORWARD LIST. I also accept nominations within my #steemgigs or testimonial posts.

• Each #steemgig I offer will have the option to PAY IT FORWARD and have a name selected randomly off of the list. to get a custom icon, cover image banner, or other (some services have not yet been made public).

• I also have a DESIGN WHITELIST (details to follow in coming days) - essentially these are people who I have developed a solid working relationship​ with already and offer services not available to the general public. They greatly support this initiative as well, so thanks to them it is possible for me to offer something to you.

There is no reputation requirements or caps. However, I do ask that YOU, the community, consider that this service is intended to help people who are just starting out on Steemit and might not have yet 'stacked the steem' to request services like those that I offer. This way I can keep my lights on and minnows can start out with some style!

There is one caveat: If a customer of mine decides to PAY IT FORWARD and select a name (randomly), the name selected MUST HAVE A WALLET AMOUNT LOWER THAN THE PERSON PAYING FOR SERVICE. Otherwise, I will draw a new name. That seems pretty straightforward as to why, so no need to further explain that, right?


The Quality Content Initiative 🎯 A Voluntary Service That Will Also Become A PAID Service • #steemit-qci

[STEEMGIG] COVER IMAGE DESIGN by @GROW-PRO • Pricing / Details / Portfolio


[STEEMGIG TESTIMONIAL] My projects now have new cover images, thanks to @grow-pro! by @thatsweenyguy

@grow-pro Spiced up my Posts with Sweet Icons/Gifs! by @boatsports90

1-800-CALL-GROW-PRO by @kryptocek

Entered Another Contest - This Time To Give Credit Where Credit is Due! by @jackmiller

[STEEMGIG Complete] Operation Steemit Cover-Images: Mission Accomplished! 🏁 by @grow-pro

Steps toward success... I have not yet even broken into stride. These are the first steps of many to come. THANK YOU to all who are fueling my fire. 🔥

NOMINATE SOMEONE BELOW for a chance to get some aesthetic-love from @grow-pro


This is a really cool initiative. Thanks to @boatsports90 and @kryptocek for introducing you to me here on Steemit.

Your designs are very professional and add a polished sheen to blog posts. Thanks for being a progressive Steemian and helping to move this community forward. Cheers, and best of luck to you!

Love to do it and even more when other people love it! 😎
I can't even tell you how fast @boatsports90 & @kryptocek made VIP, they are so fun to work with. If either one of them vouch, you're golden.

I already have you on the Pay it Forward list, so won't hurt to start planning your ideas - not many on the list yet! I'm going to start crossing off names already too, thanks to several great people who are working with me now & are 'paying it forward'.

As I grow - you all grow with me. Bring your moon boots, buddy! 🚀

I'd like to procure a new Steemit banner. Something that looks magician-y, spooky, and arcane - like the colors and styles one may find in vintage magic posters.

I'm not really sure of what your "whitelist" is though. Is that a WIP? Is it just a nominated party? Regardless, I do really like your idea of "Pay it forward" and would like to kick in a little SBD to help make it happen (in addition for my banner fees). See you in Discord chat!

Absolutely, @yekrats! It looks like a fun already from the styles you shared. I've got my fellow #sfg members covered 😉
I will be posting more details about the whitelist hopefully today, but in a nutshell it's a list of people I have worked with before. I apprecaite your support and look forward to chatting more in discord. Thanks again, @yekrats

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