Milo, my friend's cat

A few days ago, I saw @trincowski posting pictures of a stray cat. Here is my very own version:


Milo is a cat who loves what ever other cats do- nap, sleep, play and chase the occasional small creatures out there.

When I wake up in the morning, a part of my first routine for the day is feeding him- he will follow me around the house meow meowing until I could give him his dry food.

Before I met him, I thought I was a dog person. It turned out, I am an animal person. Here we are cuddling before calling it a night.



He looks cute. 😊

yeah and so fluffy!😁😆

He is overweight but, he's cute. It does not matter!

I am actually pretty jealous because I am a cat person but can't keep one at the moment since we are renting our appartment :o

I am so sorry about that. having a cat around is great!but, I still miss running around with my dog. It turned out, cats only chill all the time!

true they only come when they feel like it :)

what a beautiful cat ❣

thanks Britt! he eats all the time! hahahhaa

But what a beauty

He is really adorable. But he hates cuddling. I have to bribe him with treats just to get this shot!

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