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This is a copy/pasted post I made in hive community for those who have not yet made the decision:

This is in response to @crypto.piotr's post (here is the link: on weather anyone would stay in steemit, migrate to hive or do both.

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To be honest, I was initially going to migrate to hive because all my friends are going there. I have also seen how everyone had had a hard time over the drama in the past few weeks culminating with the launch of hive. But now that I got the chance to think things through, I get to say these:

I love writing

I spent nearly 2 years writing for steemit and the thought that it would change forever shook me to the core. I am not professionally trained to write but, I feel that it is second nature for me to do that. I felt that steemit gave me the freedom to express myself- guided by the people who ran the community.

I felt validated that what I wrote was read by the people across the planet and that, I was able to interact and develop a relationship with most of them.

I understand that most of the people who had been in the community longer than I am have the same predicament and, the response had been overwhelming! I too understand that part.

Not everyone is migrating

However, I need to face the reality that some of the people in steemit are not migrating as of this moment. Probably because, they do not want to leave the community or, they have established their own niches.

Or probably like me, are still quite undecided yet.

For me, I want to write freely in a platform made by people run by people. That is the essence of decentralization for me and, what these articles say is very disappointing to me particularly with the "temporary witnesses." What does that even mean? can anyone elaborate please?

I understand that steemit needed more users but, when the "hard shell" the people who had been there from the first time it operated were gone, will it be the same? Will the spirit of creating good content be the same? I have met a lot of great artists, businessmen, writers, composers, programmers to name a few of the amazing people in the community.Where are they now? Probably in hive or like me, are still undecided.

Give them a chance

This is for the people who are very judgemental to the founders of HIVE. Give them the chance to settle things up. Its amazing what they did for quite a short time. If you are like me who are expecting to have the same level of experience in steemit, you need to wait. Give them the chance to fix those bugs or make the final touches. DO.NOT.JUDGE. DO. NOT.BE.OVERLY.DEMANDING. YOU.DO.NOT.HAVE.THE.RIGHT.unless you're the boss or head of the operations or are deeply involved in the project.

Give the founders of hive a fair chance to deliver because for me, they have exceeded my expectations.Give them time. Give them the chance. Give them this opportunity to create without the pressure from anyone.

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On the other side of the fence, give steemit a fair chance. See how things will change and observe what their plans are.

Do not allow this to be the war of platforms or, who can make more money. Steemit as I know it was run by passionate and dedicated people for the people. How things are in the next few weeks will determine where I will be. I do not want to serve 2 masters.......

Final Words

Whatever you decide, it should come from the heart and not from anything else. Give yourself time as I am giving me now. Take a break. Take a deep breathe and consider things first.

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