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We are excited to share with you our latest initiative that we have launched for the Steemit Community. The entire exercise is partly communal in nature besides being an e-commerce hub. We want to bring you value and enhance your experience here in You need not look further at Ebay, Amazon or Alibaba. You have us.

There is no better term that sums up our initiative than the following quote:

‘Spend Where you Earn’

Since the platform has its roots in the steem blockchain and the cryptocurrency that we hold is either in Steem or SBD, we make the entire transaction seamless for your convenience. Shop with us at with Steem and we strive to return you value. We now house an inventory list of 150 and counting. We promise to bring you more products in the near future. The products that we have sourced have adequate assurance in quality and aesthetics.

We work hard to please your EYES, WALLET and HEART. Help us make this as success and we shall return a favour by making our store, your friendly community store.

Communal Outreach

It is our dream and our mission that our continued engagement with the Steemit community would encourage further participation from talents across the globe. We recognise your work and we value your contribution.

In our quest to assist budding artists or artists that has been striving but has not achieve much success, we welcome you to our platform as our featured artist where your work will be featured in our product a royalty will be paid. Successful applicant will receive the full terms of the contract.

Our Team

We are proud to unveil our team. Our family will grow in the future but currently they are as follows:-
@btcvenom (Big Bause)
@zord189 (The Creative Guy)
@sam.hsuu (Director of First Impression)
@perennial (Content Wiz)

Their respective roles can be found in our website

‘Pay with Steem, Fulfilling Dreams’



Glad to see someone using my Shopify scripts! Best of luck!

Dear @paywithsteem your effort for making this site is a milestone in the path of Steemit success, we from India are also planning something like this for Indian users and there is huge prospects and opportunities are on the way to work together and get together.
Thanks for your efforts and update.
Congratulations friend.

Appreciate your concern for the Indians. You are really worth of following.

Dear Shikha thanks for your reply and time best wishes

Make it double master @oodeyaa. One more for me and my community in #Aceh and #Indonesia 😀😁😂

Ahha best wishes @adly.jailani

Thaks master @oodeyaa hehehe

Wow, I am really excited to see what I can buy with my Steem. Thank you for sharing.

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NICE man youa re EVRYWHER @adept ! dude FUCK yah #Shopify has some SERIOUS potential!

WOW @adept yorue EVERYWHERE man! #shopify has some SERIOUs poytnetial with steem!

hell yeah man the new GIF feature on the Chrome Extenion called 'Steemit Extra Info

Does this only work with the advanced 79 dollar shopify plan? @paywithsteem @adept

When your favorite blockchain has a dedicated stable token for merchants called SBD, but people still want to pay with STEEM

They accept SBD too ;)
besides SBD has not proven very stable and long term it has no future....when the Dollar collapses what's its purpose? isn't the purpose of crytocurrencies to replace fiat?

They can change the 'SBD-peg' to the USD to whatever the witnesses agree on!

The good part is that when paying with SBD, their SBD price/rate is 1 SBD = $1 USD. This helps reinforce the peg between Steem Dollars and dollars, and hopefully if others do the same the peg can be even stronger (right now it's really weak).

Nice! Good luck with the deliveries haha

Interesting directions we are going in! Glad to see practical uses arising!

This is great news for the platform. I noticed that you have $ at the prices.

Yes this is deliberate as the price of steem and SBD constantly fluctuate (We tell you how much STEEM or SBD to send once you checkout)

Ok. Best of luck with your project . :)

Great Shop design and really usefull items thumbs up!!!

so will people be able to set up their own stores?

This is awesome. I see online courses. If I could set up a store, steemain could pay via steem and receive activation keys that then bypass my own payment system.

I am now following @paywithsteem. Looking forward to the launch and what this could bring

@paulag, for now we have entered the first phase. As the days come, we will be rolling out more and more stages. And yes, we have ideas to your questions and many more plans that is waiting to come to fruition. :)

so it will become some sort of Ebay? great! exactly what Steem needs.

@lavater, YES! It will be easier for the Steemit Community to access and pay directly. Instead of the hassle of withdrawing or converting them. And, as we roll out more stuff, all these things that we're doing, it's gonna benefit the Steemit Community as well. So, we're open to ideas on what items you want to see on @paywithsteem so we can help make it available for you

What I'd like to see is Users being able to create their own listings on the site. Maybe even auctions. Just like Ebay. SteemBay ;)
I guess PaywithSteem for the moment is something else,more of a regular online store like Overstock. A good first step nonetheless ;)

Yeaps, we will take this into consideration. Thank you for ur ideas. This is why Steemit is great :)

I was just thinking this myself! I make hand crocheted scarves and blankets etc and would love to be able to sell them for steem! :D

And we are searching for people like you. :) For now, I hope u enjoy ur time at our site.

Brilliant! :D I am excited about this! Following you now and waiting in anticipation of news! thank you!

Also, we're open to ideas on what items you want to see on so we can help make it available for you.

Obviously it may have to be items or services that can be offered internationally, as the steemit community is borderless which is amazing in itself, however we have to abide by the common laws for shipping regulations etc

Yeaps! It is definitely on our plans to make it happen. We will do it one at a time. :)

Hmn...handmade ...sought after stuff.

Yes, I usually sell them at events and donate the profits to charity but I have had so many people ask me for commissioned pieces and ask if I have an Etsy shop or sell on Ebay, but the fee's are too high with ebay and paypal, Etsy has potential, but I like the idea of selling my items for Steem to help build my blog profile :) It is hard to build up your SP as a minnow

That is part of our purpose when we feature your work...we aim to provide the artist with the exposure they deserve.

Steem Inc. announced at SteemFest that there are very concrete plans to authorize new user tokens which will allow Steem accounts to be integrated anywhere online.

So soon you will be able to launch let's say your own WordPress based website, complete with Woocommerce store, and let users pay with their wallet.

And of course also upvote, and thus reward, your content

This is exciting news! :D As you know, I am not very tech savvy, but with a bit of guidance, I will defo be trying this out to grow my little business!

There will most definitely be WordPress plugins to integrate that. There is already an active Steem/WP developer btw. @recrypto has two plugins for WordPress already.

And it won't be long eithe before we see market places, very much like Etsy, operating on the Steem blockchain.

That is fantastic! Thank you for the developer details I shall follow them too and start looking into it. I didn't really get on with WordPress, I much prefer steemit

You will catch the wave and ride it like a boss.

This is truly amazing. Your site is the first that commercializes steem. It will be exciting to see you expand and grow. People being able to buy stuff with STEEM.

We all hope you become as big as Amazon.

Your site (app) can bring some huge value to the steem blockchain and, hene, to STEEM.

We dont see this as our project. This is our community's project. Thx for supporting us.

Hopefully users will be able to sell too. Success of ecommerce site mostly comes down to choice ( number of products on the site). Allowing every one to set up a shop will increase your chances of success a lot. I would love to see an integration of paywithsteem with steem accounts so that steemians can log in to your site with their steem account and start selling products. Steem also have an escrow feature that you might be interested in. All the tools are there to build a badass marketplace :-)

Your suggestion is a very sensible and almost inevitable progression in this industry. We will be improving our reach and spread gradually. Thanks for being onboard.

Now this is what I'm talking about! I've always pushed for greater integration between the Steemit and other services utilizing the blockchain, and this kind of merchant site is exactly what we need. If people can purchase through an eBay-like interface, I think people will be even more likely to switch over to Steemit from other social media interfaces. After all, Steem becomes a one stop shop. Earn for blogging, use your blogging rewards to buy things you need.

thanks for such a compliment. We are not sure if we are deserving but we do try to integrate the use of cryptocurrency and subsequently even automate the entire ecommerce transaction.

That's what I'm talking about. The real trick to sustaining growth and building a solid foundation for any crypto is, of course, adoption. It's not enough to speculate; a token has to actually have some compelling reason to be held and used. Providing a use case through e-commerce is a fantastic way to do that, and if you could establish a marketplace here for us to use, that would go a long way to that. If you can get up and running and allow people to auction or sell for themselves, you would see a huge well-spring of involvement. :D

IMO, the limited applications for STEEM are one of the last obstacles holding it BACK!!! I believe I read where STEEM Blockchain handles more transactions than any other blockchain, so it is reliable and reasonably Fast!

Thanx a lot for the good efforts.

@paywithsteem I am all for this and getting paid in STEEM or SBD in the future without all of the eBay fees would work well for me.

when it will evolve into something like Ebay, the site will likely take a fee (hopefully less than Ebay) for hosting the listing. Or how would it stay profitable?

Good Point and of course you may or may not get the same number of eye balls to look at your items.

Congratulations on launching this amazing site for Steem users. Good Luck!

It is our pleasure to have you here.

This is the type of application and solution that can blow steemit up.

Thank you and we are also hopeful.

Highly rEsteemd Gentlemen.
Looking forward to the T-Shirt.


Another value addition to STEEMconomy that will create more velocity for STEEM and SBD :)

Whyyyyyyyyy :(( this is a such a GREAT idea but it's only for USA :(((

We will be expanding soon! Do not worry :)

Its already work in progress to expand to other geographical areas.

Thats great. Great post

Great post

Thats so cool, ideas like this one that brings value to our community!

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THANK YOU for setting 1 SBD = $1 USD, that really helps enforce the peg rather than other shops (cough cough @thesteemitshop) using real-time market values.

Unbelievable!! Really nothing sort of magic. Innovation every other day..steepshot,zappl,,,,,,and now 'paywithsteem'.
Seems Steemit team have the best pool of mind, and they are utilising them for there members convenience in every possible way. Great going...Feeling proud to be a part of steemit!!

It's because of people as awesome as you that we get inspired.

Thanks :)...the platform is so good in itself

We try to make this a one stop centre. A complete ecosystem.

Glad to see someone using my Shopify scripts! Best of luck!

Sounds cool. However, I think pay with Steem or Pay with Bitcoin such as Bitpay or Cryptopay, these payment methods are gonna take some to get mature.

Wooooooooooooow This İs Awesome

Does paywithsteem have Github? If Yes, we can report bugs or suggest ideas via Utopian.

It's going to be a worldclass hit if this feature is launched 👍

Thanks for making Steem even greater than what it is.
It does not matter if Steem is at 1$ or at 0.01$, having this community it will rise no matter what. Such amazing projects going on.

That's great! I waited for a project like for a while

And WE ARE LIVE!!! I hope to see many familiar faces on this platform as we continue to grow to suit the community's needs.


Hi @sireh. We know you are a big man in the comic industry back in Malaysia. Welcome onboard.


I am Cornholio! You will co-operate with my bunghole!

Daumen hoch

Please upvote & comment my post.

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Good luck with your project guys

Thank you. With your support I am sure we will have a whale of a time.

All I can hope is that You pick the right ones to take there!:P

Aw boy! This is some next level st

Check out

Free satoshis every hour

Excellent initiative, as soon as I can support them.

nice! @paywithsteem it will be an excellent opportunity for my Christmas shoppings! Thanks for your idea! I resteemed to spreading the news... I which you all the success

Exactly, stay real close to our upcoming newsletter. :)

Christmas is a season to be jolly and we will give you every reason to be jolly! stay tuned for more.

No better place to spend our hard earned STEEM than here at PAYWITHSTEEM

that's a great idea. I want to set up my shopify store accept steem too but don't know how to do it. Will you have a plug in or explain how you did it? thanks

Those malloom mouses look so cool I am definitely getting one!

Great! I am going to do my Christmas shopping list! Thanks for sharing!

Been saying we need a steem store for a while, good job!

Now we have it. Be our happy shopper

good to see your innovation -- please connect with me and show me the product range - i have paintings and music and gemstones to sell

We will see what we can do about it. Thx for letting us know.

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Thanks a lot,
your @treeplanter

these are really great news

with your support, the good news becomes better news.

That's pretty awesome. ;)

Very nice concept i liked using steemit and steem is my first cryptocurrency which i am using and i have to say its good amd easy to use...😊

Could I be possible to sell items through you? You know Amazon style... or do you require a partnership of sorts?

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That's really Amazing. I was thinking where should I redeem my sbd,steem. I am glad, Can you deliever to India,or you are limited to US right now?

For now we are shipping to the US only. We already have plans to expand the regions. Do stay tuned to our enwsl

Good to know. I was expecting this but wasn't aware it will come so fast. I would like to see this growing, inventory list to expand. Wish you success. Do you ship across the world ?

That's Awesome....

Great , Nice Step , All the Best !!!

I love your posts.....

Facebook launch in 2004 and steemit in 2016

Comperison steemit growing too fast and evry day steemit hve great updates in steemit plateform

Facebook has their eyes on profit, we have our eyes on our community first.

Hello friends, congratulations and good luck
Can I join your group?

Brilliant idea and the store is looking extremely good. Any plans on shipping to us folks in the UK?

We have our eyes on the UK already when we started this initiative. :)

Look forward to seeing it all roll out. Thanks to you and the team for all the hard work.

Lots of people waiting for something like this...
Congrats on your official launch!! :D

Hi Ms. Photographer! nice to meet you here. Thanks for the stopover.

Hi @paywithsteem!
Nice to meet you too.... And you're most welcome!

Good stuff! I just made a post about the lack of an ebay equivalent for steem, and was giving serious thought to building one myself. But to be honest, it wasn't something I really wanted to get bogged down in. And now I've just seen your post, so I can happily forget about doing it myself, as you've already started it! :)

hmm...this is a really helpful post..this option will definitely help steemers...

this is so great. thanks. I am really looking forward to buy anything with steem.

Wow that's a very good news for steemit lover. Let's create more communication among us and make this world greatest ever.

Great to see new options opening up for holders of crypto. Especially steem which I believe is going to have far reaching implications for future tech and the way we share content in a decentralized world.

Amazing concept !!! Steem will go places in crypto world

That is really great opportunity for the community members. I will definitely visit the site. Will you ship the product internationally?

We will ship internationally in the future but for now we are U.S only.

Another Awesome innovation. E-stores that support steem, what an great idea.

Thx. Its our community store.

Thats amazing. A great step! I am sure many other steps are gonna be made in the future . Thanks for sharing!

Thats our aim. To make it amazing for us steemians.

We'd love to be part of your artist Steem sellers. Already orienting our systems to account for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Steem would be an excellent addition! Lots of art to share @luminousflux

We also encourage other vendor to accept steem as a mode of payment. The more, the better.

Yes, the effort is to encourage more use of the STEEM as a medium of trade.

I like the idea. If I understood right, eventually this site could compete with Ebay and Amazon. Competition is good for consumers.

Yea,Nice job!
But we as the oversea user still hope to see the shop expanded to oversea so that we can also spend Steem and Sbd.

Never mind, we will wait for your continue development!

Omg!!! This is genious!!!!

hi,paywithsteem,nice to read about you.
am jeevansantoshi from india,am also new on steemit and welcome you to steemit.
i have followed you.So,can also follow me.
Best of luck!

I simply love your articles, what great content and quality of posting you offer the community here on Steemit and abroad.

Thanks a lot :)

International shipping?!?!

Not just yet. We are currently testing in the U.S

No problem, let them be the beta testers and I will use when it is tested and fully working lol hahahaha

This is awesome. I wish you success.

tnx for ypur helpful post.

Wish you had a branch in India too

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This is dope!! Great to see the evolution of this community in real-time!

ahaaaa, this is great news. hopefully shipping with cover Europe as well. keep up good work