Paywithsteem : Want to support PayWithSteem and the team? Join our trail!

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Paywithsteem : Want to support PayWithSteem and the team? Join our trail!

We have had quite a lot of people reach out to us here @paywithsteem and ask how they can support us (Thank you btw!) so today we are announcing our TRAIL! We will be using the website This will allow you to follow every vote @paywithsteem makes AUTOMATICALLY!

What will you be voting on?

Well the @paywithsteem votes will be given out to all of our team members (Currently 3 of us!) and any posts this account makes. This means at a maximum we will vote 4 times per day, However you will find we will normally only use 2. We can assure you all that NO votes will be given on any plagiarised/stolen content. In the future votes will also be given out on reviews made from the PayWithSteem site.

How do we join?

  1. Head over to STEEMAUTO.COM and sign in via steemconnect.
  2. Once you have signed in you need to click the "Curation Trail" tab on the left of your screen.
    Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 19.28.20.png
  3. From there go to "Search a trail" and type in "Paywithsteem" and then search.
  4. Now click "Follow" and that is you following the trail. (Every time we vote you give a 50% vote too)
  5. To vote with a higher % you can simply click "settings" and adjust it there!

I do not want to vote, can I delegate instead?

Sure you can! Click the amount you wish to delegate below using steemconnect!

100 SP
500 SP
1000 SP
5000 SP
10000 SP

If you would like to delegate an amount that is not listed let us know and we will help you out!

A huge thank you from the @paywithsteem team for any support received!


‘Spend Where you Earn’

The Team at Paywithsteem wishes you Happy New Year!

KONG 39.png

‘Pay with Steem, Fulfilling Dreams’

Your friendly Community Store.


Anything New?
I am totally Jonesing for a update on "PayWithSteem"

One of the few projects that will propel steemit to new height . Thanks for stepping up . Best of luck

So, Paywithsteem is an Steem-based store?

Just so i understand.

Basically yes, with the new site however we are moving away from the "traditional" store.

Sounds super cool... i would just like to ask one more thing, maybe some other guy has the same question:

How you deal with volatility? accept crypto for stores its kinda hard, bascilly you allways moving the prices every hour, hehe.

Just curious, and keep up the good work.

This will help increasing the value of steem so it becomes a god long tern bet

This is a great step for future of steem!

good luck guys :)
@tipu upvote this post for 1 SBD

One Day!!! I will be a Whale! Mark My Words Steemit! My Art and Mind Shall Triumph!


you can join my server to promote your post

I hope you get lots of support.

This post has received a 47.89 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @btcvenom.

When I try to enter in the store, it say:"Sorry, this shop is currently unavailable."

I think this is going to be exciting

How do you support a minnow like me?

We don't this trail will be used to support @paywithsteem and the team members only.

I've followed your trail ... let alone what I have to do ...

Thank you for offering a way to help that is easy and for showing us about steemauto to follow votes!

Absolutely (y)

I am excited for you guys. This is going to be big.

good way to pay with steem or steem power, i just look at auto upvote in my post , thank you

Very interesting for friends who are in esteem

Nice photos. they deserve an award. It is very nice. great work