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  The market of personal data is perhaps the most popular “game field” among developers of blockchain startups. In the end, this area is literally created for the blockchain: huge amounts of data tied to a lot of people, the widest scope for manipulation and outright fraud and a lot of money “spinning” in this market.   

Almost all blockchain projects in the field of personal data protection are designed to solve the same set of problems: personal data is collected by a huge number of companies, often without the knowledge of the people to whom this data belongs. From the huge funds that are spent on the purchase of personal data of the audience, the data carriers themselves do not get anything. In addition, buyers have no way to verify the authenticity of the data, which is actively used by scammers.   

The Opriria platform with its PDATA token was no exception. However, the developers did not use the popular solution with the creation of a social network that also allows you to sell your data to advertisers. Instead, they have created, in fact, a broker that provides users with ample opportunities to earn on their data.  

  How Opiria works? 

  The main functionality of the Opiria platform is quite typical for startups in this area - users can upload personal data to the blockchain, which provides their secure storage and allows you to block access to them. After that, users can make deals with advertisers directly, determining which data, to whom and for what fee will be available. 

However, Opiria's "extra" features are its real highlight. The main one is the system of tracking users personal data on the “external” Internet, built on smart contracts. This prevents the data from being stolen or resold. Exaggerating, the user can say: "Guys, this is my data and I did not give you access to it”, or “I have all moves recorded, so let's negotiate in a good way." And, most importantly, smart contracts, using data hashes to look for ”leaks" without revealing data.  

  In addition, Opiria allows you to flexibly adjust the amount and detail of data collected, allowing each user to find the right balance of privacy and income. Of course, the more data user provides about himself - the more he can gain for them. If desired, you can even install a utility offered by the platform that collects data about the movement of the user's eyes.   

PDATA is the internal currency of the platform used to pay rewards to users for filling their account and providing access to data. Companies, in turn, will be forced to buy tokens on external exchanges, which will provide high income to investors.  

  Opiria is already a running platform  

  Unlike many startups, Opiria came to the ICO, already having a minimum finished product. The platform is already used by many companies from among the 500 largest in the world, and its branches, which are primarily engaged in searching for customers who are ready to buy data from users, are already working in 4 different cities, covering the largest economic centers of the planet.    

And this is only the beginning: the core of the team consists of scientists and IT-specialists from leading universities in Germany, and among the advisers included many prominent economic, political and public figures. And we all know the detailed German approach to the case: what Opiria is now - it is only a “run-in of ideas”. "Blitzkrieg" will be after the ICO, which is still going on at the moment till 14th of July.  


  The market where Opiria fights for a place in the Sun is one of the most highly competitive among blockchain developers. There are a lot of startups here: from a scam projects to the most powerful competitors, secured with the support of transnational corporations. Competitors can try to "crush the kettle until it becomes a locomotive.” However, Opiria's chances of success are very high - The project has a very strong team, which has chosen the right direction for the application of efforts and strives to provide its users with customers. Plus, supporting big business in our world solves a lot.  



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One of most promising project in 2018 for me, i think Opiria will be a great place for every investor who participated in crowdsale.

Opiria is indeed a well supported project even at political level of Europe for example, i suggest everyone to take a closer look on this truly amazing project.

Taking into account recent Facebook scandal, it’s obvious that we need to manage our data on our own, to avoid 3rd parties and to get revenue when we share data. Great project!

Very very few project can compete with Opiria as they already have a working platform, so they moved away from being called “an idea in whitepaper” i bought their tokens and will be looking for future development.

Nice review @mak2017! The fact that Opiria is serving companies with world name has attracted my attention, will be following this project for sure.