Which countries should peerplays translation efforts focus?

It looks like we will be needing mostly Singaporean and European translations to maximize our losses per person, how ever what is not represented is shear mass. Which country pumps the most game play per hour? Because for peerplay token holders we want the most money going through it per capita, since we don't collect fees for losses and wins, only for network tolls.

Additionally there is a gaming industry website, http://h2gc.com/ that I'm sure would love to cover what we do with peerplays at some point. Getting noticed by an industry metric site like this could bring a lot of attention to our project. Perhaps we can pool together to get a subscription to better target our collective efforts.

If you think this is a good idea, and you like what i'm doing please consider,

Vote for Bitcoinsig


Wallet translation project: https://crowdin.com/project/peerplays

already voted because you deserve it

I second that :) He is of great value.

thanks.. good article