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Dear robots,

sometimes life just feels like being a sequence of tasks, one has to attend. Although some of those tasks are fine and funny, I prefer living a self-determined life.

Between tax-declaration, the first day at school of my daughter and my birthday, it's sometimes a bit hard to keep up with posting.

On the other hand, I just discovered this post by @bryan-imhoff, where he writes about doing some daily pencil-artwork in september.

If you follow my blog, you may have noticed my recent love for pencil-art. Although I'm not sure, if I'm willing to post a pencil work every day of september, I'm trying to actually do one every day and then maybe post about my progress every few days.

For now I leave you with that "manga-robot", that I finished about two days ago. Here is a larger view:


Thanks for watching!


P.S.: You can find the pencil-work I did today in the comment section of this post by @mikkolyytinen. If you want to win one of his oil paintings, you should also consider drawing something for him.

Happy Birthday man! . mm taxees, i'm waiting to hear how my credits go very soon. Thank you for the mention

Thanks a lot @mikkolyytinen! Fingers crossed for your credits ;-)

Your drawing remindes me somehow of the great wall in game of thrones.^^
Btw happy birthaday

Thanks you! I really need to watch the last season soon.

Season 8 is coming winter 2018, so dont hurry, enjoy ;)

Yeah! I watched season 1-6, so I will have to catch up on season 7 first.

An artwork a day...

Hopefully ... keeps the doctor away :-) My health really needs some improvements.

Not sure about the doctor-thing. But it attracts beautiful women, and draft beer. Suddenly you have a girl on your lab and a glass in your hand.

Haha, I could live with that, too ;-) Maybe I've to try harder...

First I thought it was a man of fighter ,then I closely looked I saw a ship ..wonderful drawing skills bro

Thanks a lot! Glad you appreciate the drawing :-)

I have the upmost respect for people that can draw... My drawing of a cat looks like an overactive jellybean, but hé, everyone has a different talent! Nice work

Thank you! I'm sure you have a great talent, too :-)

I hope, otherwise I am pretty fucked! ;-)

Thanks for the nod and I'm glad the "Penciltember" post got you thinking! I quickly found I'll definitely be posting progress batches like you mention. The one drawing/one post/one day tempo is really tough. I'm still geared to put in a lot more work than I have been recently though!

I'm looking forward to seeing your works! Thanks again for the inspiration :-)

nice i up and folow you @shortcut!

Thank you :-)

Awesome ,upvoted! ^ ^
Like mind blow :D

ill be happy if you would check my work of drawing ^ ^


Thank you! Your works are amazing, too. Instantly followed you ;-)

Sehr schön, mich erinnert die Zeichnung an einen Fels in der Brandung. Ich verbinde sie mit einer starken, halt gebenden Person und irgendwie mit Sicherheit und Ruhe :) Sehr einfach und doch berühren.

Danke für dein Feedback! Freut mich, dass du etwas mit der Zeichnung anfangen kannst ;-)

That robot is like Facebook and looks like it is failing on it's side lol

Yes, I also see it falling to the side. Hopefully he's a bit cooler than facebook, though ;-)

It is :) Much cooler :)

amazing artwork

awesome post

Yes, I can hatch you

I'm not sure you can, but nice try ;-)

I guarantee you that I can :))

I guess you've got to prove it now!

I will prove it sometime :))

Nice ..