[Discussion Post] What's your favorite YouTube music recording by a local celebrity?

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So how's this for stream of consciousness???


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I was looking at the post, 🎵 Music For Steem - WEEK 13 - Finalists - VOTINGROUND, and I noticed that @rajib833 had posted MUSIC FOR STEEM-WEEK 13-Five hundred miles cover by @rajib833. It happens that 500 Miles is a personal favorite of mine. It has about 3 days until payout, so click on through and give that post an upvote. I'll wait.

Anyway, after I listened to the version by @rajib833, it prompted me to want to listen to a version of the song that I really like - by Hedy West - here:

And while I was looking for that, I came across another version of the song that I also like by The Hooters, here:

As you may know, I grew up in south-eastern Pennsylvania, and this region happens to be where The Hooters came from. When I was in high school, before they landed a national recording contract, they were a local sensation.

And thus arises the topic for this discussion post. Please comment with a YouTube link to your favorite music video by a local performer from your own region and tell us something about the recording artist's ties to your region or why you like the recording..

In my own region, aside from The Hooters, I have plenty of other performers to choose from, going all the way back to the 1950s and before. You may be aware that the show, American Bandstand was originally broadcast from Philadelphia and helped to spring-board many local musicians to fame. The show's Philadelphia years predate me, but I grew up hearing about how artists like Bobby Rydell, Chubby Checker, Patti Labell, and Danny and the Juniors all came from the area. More recently, we've had other celebrities like The Hooters and Hall and Oats and even more recently Taylor Swift and Pink also had roots in the area. And my own town of West Chester was the childhood home of Samuel Barber, a renowned 20th century composer of classical music. Of course, I am missing many others.

With all that to choose from, it's hard for me to say that I actually have a favorite, but since I'm picking one, I'll say it's All You Zombies, by the Hooters. Like I said, they were a local sensation when I was in high school, and I guess that creates a lasting impression (Glory days and all that... ; -). I'll add that my favorite version is not the one that was on their more famous, Nervous Night album.

Of course it's been a while since the Hooters have been in the limelight, so I guess people might not know any of their music these days, but my favorite version of All You Zombies has always been the version that is even more obscure because it was published by a local recording company on the Amore album -- before the band got a national recording deal. And with all that introduction out of the way, here it is. Enjoy!

Fun fact: Cyndi Lauper's Time After Time was co-written with The Hooters' Rob Hyman.

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Hello, well here I leave you this video, it was made here in the city of Caracas, some scenarios are in Los Caobos Park

These are Venezuelan local artists that I really like, and the story of the video is very emotional


this is my mother @enileckays, I was the one who took the photo


this was taken by my mother, she did it better than me hahaha

this video I could say is one of my favorites

I'm honestly not a big fan of local artists or Venezuelan music, but this specific song and this specific video captivated my heart

Thanks for the reply! I enjoyed the video, and the photos from Los Caobos Park are great. Even though I don't understand the language in the video, I think I was able to get a pretty good sense of the story.

Every once in a while, one of these Discussion Posts by yourself, or your son, really grabs my attention. I tend not to write a lot lately. Ever since I've gotten really dedicated to my podcast, I don't participate much in things involving writing. This one got me though!

As you may remember, I was born in Sicily, but raised in New Jersey, about an hour's drive from Philadelphia, so I like to consider Philly my local area.

I loved growing up with the music that came out of Philly, and anyone from the area knows the magnificent, and long, history of talent that has come out of Philadelphia, especially Soul, which is dear to my soul, pun intended!

I want to share a particular song that is really amazing! Gospel music has always generated so much talent, for centuries, from the Black community in America. In the last century, however, many young artists would come out of the churches to pursue a career in music, much to the dismay of the congregation. A soulful voice was considered a gift from God, and that voice was meant to be dedicated to the praising the Lord. Not being a religious person, I'm really glad that those creative souls decided to share their talent with the world; giving us the Blues, Jazz, Rock 'n' Roll, Soul, RnB and Hip Hop.

What made Black music so powerful was that the artists often grew up praising the Lord in church, with great passion. They sang about loving God, but then they took that same passion into the world of loving men and women, as well as lust, money and sex!

This song by Philly artist Musiq Soulchild is unique because instead singing to the Lord, or praising lust, the object itself is LOVE! He's singing, not about love, but to Love!

Hope you enjoy, and thanks for all of the support you and your son have given me over the months!!!

So one of the first things I see is a sign for "Broad Street" and it has some nice views of the city skyline, too. Definitely a Philly musician. ;-)

It's not usually the style I listen to, but I definitely enjoyed it, so thanks for the opportunity to branch out!

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