Tenochtitlan: In Search of the Signs, Eagle, Cactus, Serpent

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My heat circles the memory hoops of dancing girls,
there in the dust under the buzzing Russian Olive,
a family-fiesta snaking up at the Goshen third pond.

A hibachi glows and smokes its carne asada,
purple cabbage and cantaloupes roll heavy,
on a rose-print sheet.

Hear the honking, ‘andale music’s of mariachi flash,
verde and I see the mens’
in their shuffling pointy-toed boots,

wink heroic love notes to me!
I look down to see,
in the small girls’ brown eyes,

the path to love--her doll press heart.

Photo Credit: Luis Vidal/unsplash


You make love sound like the easiest thing in the world to do. This is a fabulous poem.

I just decided against a Russian olive.... my gardener was going to bring me one, once spring would have brought him a nice selection to choose from, but then C-19 happened and why risk catching it off me by passing through my hallway to plant it out back? So I planted Hibiscus instead. They grow them for hedges on Aruba. One cannot fail to make cuttings of them suspended in a bottle, over water, with an aquarium pump in the bottom making it bubble just at its big toe to tantalise it to root. Sounds like a complicated (masculine) contraption for a bit of propagation.

This guy calls them a noxious weed (Russian Olive), but they are lovely shade trees in the desert and often crowd around swimming holes, so I associate them with desert oasis and I do love the smell of them.
Hibiscus will be beautiful and not so difficult to contain--that is if the propagation goes well.

My Lovely NatureWoman,
I only need the ONE hibiscus on my postage stamp of a garden! (Don't encourage him!)
And we are NOT having water pumps set up all over the house. I shall have to put my foot down on some (new) fenceless line on that one!

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