in #peotry4 years ago


I saw those juve exposing their lower anatomical contours
Imitating the Western culture
their contours dangling east and west
putting on rags, calling it riches
When I saw them, I thought their congenital hallucinations was appalling

For we've lost a treasure in our midst
Our heritage sold to the east
farther from this, it was sold
without collecting any remuneration for it

For this is a gold stolen from us
a treasure taken from us
mineral resources extracted from us
where are we to go in search of it?

The free gift, given to us
has been thrown into the pit
for this symbol has been stigmatized
a nomenclature tarnished

Our symbol sold to the western part
has been converged to wonders
we overlooked this
because we didn't value it

We've taken this symbol for granted
because those who cherished it
has stolen it
we would say, "Christianity has comes our way"
so we have to abandon the old saying
O! I pity your damn philosophy

I see those clergymen putting on parachutes
calling it suits
in the sunny day
never remember our fore-fathers days

We need to replenish this lost symbol
we all have to go in search of it
and stop mimicking the western ways
because our lingua franca is no more our replica


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