On ambiguity, choice and consequence..

in #personal4 years ago

People - especially elders - always tell me to pick a way and stay true to it, and that making a choice is always better than not, and to "not over-think things", because, i'd be torn between choices due to thoughts that might not even matter, wasting opportunities, opportunities that could've been "life-changing", or possibly making things worse just by staying passive about it.


Is that true, however ? Is making a choice better than not making one ? Is picking a single way of life and staying true to it, only changing it to another - still singular - way right ? Is thinking about a situation from various perspectives and choosing to stay passive wrong ? Does choosing to sacrifice a life to save the many right ?

I do not have the answers, as none do, of course. Some people have convictions, blind faith/confidence that what they believe in is right, and i cannot say they're wrong, even though i think so, that doesn't make me right either.


All of life's moral ambiguity, all of it's grey landscapes that span from steep mountains, plain hills to deep dark oceans, all of it's mystery comes down to a single fact that's been part of our lives since it began. Choice begets consequence, action begets re-action, for if we knew what consequences our actions have, are having and will have, we would probably understand life's premise too early. We won't know, however, we never will.

But that's the charm, isn't it ? As each action we made, make or will make will both - as sure as light exists not without shadow - do good and bad, they will inspire and depress, help and hurt, across time-lines in which we exist, don't, or are simply heard of, that's what drenches the canvas we call life in colors that come in all hues imaginable, and simply makes it an all-encompassing marvel to behold.