What do you Look at on Steemit?

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Do you look at the content? Or do you look at the amount of rewards a post is making? Perhaps you look at a user's wallet to see if they have a good amount of STEEM POWER?

There are lots of different things people look at on here when trying to find success on this platform.

When the price of STEEM is down and the rewards are lower, people also tend to get grumpy. Often we see users become so judgemental either about how much a post is making, or that they aren't making enough. Some people just get jealous or envious and develop a sense of entitlement that they themselves should be receiving the rewards and not a particular post.

Where am I going with this? Well, first let's break some things down.

Social Media

Social media are computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.


We have seen the benefits of social media connecting people and sharing information. Some see it as somewhat of a popularity contest but ultimately, it has it's uses in our society today.


A blockchain is a distributed database that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks. Each block contains a timestamp and a link to a previous block. A blockchain is typically managed by a peer-to-peer network collectively adhering to a protocol for validating new blocks. By design, blockchains are inherently resistant to modification of the data. Once recorded, the data in any given block cannot be altered retroactively without the alteration of all subsequent blocks and a collusion of the network majority. Functionally, a blockchain can serve as "an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way. The ledger itself can also be programmed to trigger transactions automatically."


Steem is a blockchain based social media platform. Since Steem has it's own token as a part of its blockchain, it holds its value from speculation of it's uses as a currency.

Now the value of social media is to share information, ideas, etc. and between blockchain and social media, which one holds more value? Both are dependent on the people behind it and since this platform is merged together with both sides, does it double the value or does it create a division?

Comparing The Two

So here's where I see a lot of confusion among users on the platform. The more stake you have, the more influence you have. It's basically capitalistic. It's a competition to generate the most revenue and ROI as with any business.

There are limitations when it comes to p2p networks and that includes the blockchain. One common issue they face is "Sybil attack."

The Sybil attack in computer security is an attack where in a reputation system is subverted by forging identities in peer-to-peer networks. It is named after the subject of the book Sybil, a case study of a woman diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder.


There are measures to prevent Sybil attacks as much as possible but, there's no way to completely prevent it right now. With the ability to create multiple accounts, a user can just upvote their own post and which is why we have the option to upvote our own content when creating a post.

We all have stake in this platform, some large and some small. It's your stake and should be able to use it as you please. So there is nothing stopping users from teaming up with others or sell their votes like how there's no way to completely prevent a Sybil attack. Like I mentioned before, it's a competition, and competition is good. It leads to innovation and progression. It constantly creates a reason to improve and prevents complacency.

So what about the social media part? We know that there is value in content creation and sharing information. We connect with others all around the world through this type of medium and some of the features that many people preach are how this platform helps fight against fake news and censorship. Are we still on this path or are we more focused on the money? In order to combat fake news and censorship, the content needs to be evaluated in order to uphold the social media part of this platform that differentiates us from the others. Yes, we can try to create bots to evaluate the content for us but will never be able to capture the emotion behind a content that's created. Content can also be automated to an extent but the ones that have the most value are created by people. People that invest their time, thoughts, and emotions into their content are the ones that help create the value on a social media platform.

Do you look at the content to determine if it should be rewarded? Or do you look to see how much a post is making to determine if you should look at the post? Maybe you are just maximizing your rewards for curation and only supporting a high rewarded post or not even looking at them at all. Perhaps you don't care about all that and just want to make money.


Instead of looking at certain things and being judgemental of other's and their rewards, perhaps look at the bigger picture to continue to help progress this platform in the right direction.

Between social media and blockchain, which is more valuable? Are they of the same value? You could say that's subjective but content creation is what drives this blockchain, this platform, and shouldn't be the other way around or at least have a balance between the two.

So what do you look at when you're on Steemit?

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Good points! Personally I value quality content completely over rewards. Although myself I sometimes wonder if Steemit actually rewards the best content, I do see that many many many good Steemians put in several hours daily in manually or "humannually" curating content. I think they deserve more credit than what they are getting.

I think that with good content and perseverence, reward will follow eventually and inevitably. But in the meantime, the platform will see every kind of behavior that is rewarded in the short term.

And yes, I will admit, I do check things like Rep, SP and qty of followers before I follow, simply because people with larger stakes can make a bigger difference and have a bigger impact on things here currently.

Check things like Rep, Sp and Qty of followers before follow somebody because of their stakes uhmm, and what about those starting great participants and Talented enthusiasts without numbers over those standards. Those with larger stakes look at larger stakes steemians´contents, not all of them, I know, but most of them do.

I like to think that with great power comes great responsibility. My little SP will not do very much for the young talented newcomers. I also do not have the time to check all their posts daily by myself. That's why delegated a big portion of my SP to minnowsupport, who support minnows and also reward great content. I check their weekly summary for talented newcomers and if there is one that is really interesting I will certainly follow.

Those with larger stakes have a bigger responsibility. They have the power to really influence and reward great content. When they do, the platform as a whole becomes more valuable. When they reward big within a select group of known old comrades or an even more select group like, just themselves, Steemit as a community suffers a little bit.

But I have the impression that for the most part, with few exceptions, the whales in this community are very supportive of young talent, they encourage it, they support it and they foster it, because they know it's great content that will push Steem to great heights.

Amen fitzy. I do appreciate the sentiment of this topic post. We live in a world ruled in large part by
pure greed. 'Social media' / technology may lead to our downfall as a species due to its inherent inclination to exploit the shortfalls of human nature to lean into self aggrandizement. One can only hope that this is the start of a 'social media' type that supercedes it all and coalesces to allow good to triumph over evil...

I can agree with a lot of what you said. @fitzgibbon

Yes, people with large stakes can make a bigger difference but so can a group of users that come together to make a difference.

Many of the people that I follow on Steemit are people that I have been friends with for years on other social media sites. I think mostly I am here for community that Steemit offers and the content. Although I must say it would be wonderful to make some money and see my friends make some money, too!

Awesome image in the end :D

It's true the money would be nice if I made any but it's not only about the money I've read a lot of interesting things on Steemit, cheers mike

It's can be difficult to get people's attention in the beginning. You get their attention with your content or your stake.

I think my content needs to improve a lot, thanks for your reply cheers mike

Nice post my friend! I always seek out articles that I am actually interested in and are a good read - this one for example. It's always nice to be able to upvote good content, especially when it seems to be undervalued relative to other similar content.

I always hate seeing negativity on Steemit. It seems there is too much of it sometimes, but overall I hope as we all do that this platform will thrive in the long term!

I think you've made a number of good points here @bitcoinparadise !

Yeah... that´s the big question? What really are we looking at when on Steemit? Your post just came on time .... today, I read one member complained and asked why others were earning so much on steemit when they just registered a couple of weeks ago compared to his account of 3 months old.

One member came to steemit just over a week ago and made his popularity valued at 49 when he only has about 5 mails, 3 contents of which were 100% copied from articles word for word without even stating his sources. Although cheetah reminded him of plagiarism, he still adds more copied stories and still got away with them..... so readers are probably after his personality because he claims to be some sort of a personality ... whatever is his content , he gets lots of upvotes... so what are the readers actually looking for in a content? Is it the author, or the story he is publishing or his popularity? I think some people are just superficial in what they see. If they see a good looking woman or man , they really don´t care about the content.... correct me if I´m wrong.

I don´t really give a heck if I`m not getting upvotes .... I share my stories and contents and they are there for others to read or to enjoy. I know I share good contents and if someone´s reading me... then, that´s fine. If not, then they have just missed a good story (LOL!). Basta!

Personaly on the befinning i was gready and upvoted as much post as i possibly can. Then after a while i realised that its not going to work that way.
So i bought some steem power and from time to time i give votes to the articles i lake and i post about tings that happened in my life that can be shared.

I was so lost when I first came here, I don't know what to post and whereto start,then I started reading and learn from them. I still don't know much up to now, but all I can say is..I found myself:) I know what kind o info that I want o put and what Iam passion about, what makes me happy and what makes me feel great. Badges are only numbers. It doesn't define me as a person. I'm grateful and thankful for those who encourage me all the way during my journey here. I met a lot of steemians that inspired me. I don't know their names or history but truly their experience in life uplift my spirit thats why I keep posting and help other as well...

Same! I think your heart has to be in it no matter why you're here originally!

Exactly! Just have fun and write something that you are passionate about. Steemit is not a FB where your family and friends, love and will support you even your work is a mess.
Steemit is different, you'll meet different kind of people. Love what you do, share and help others.

I'm still lost though lol so many terms that I don't understand.

I'm glad you found yourself on here. I am all for connecting people and helping others.

Thanks for the wonderful comment @sunnylife :)

Thank you for helping the newbie like us. It's all about attitude i think and being yourself, be happy of what you do with no hidden agenda:) but how about those with syrillic or thais, (thailand)they tried to reach out, but I cant read:) I can only encourage them.

Personally I like to read value content which can help me anyway. I don't like sharing pictures from vacations or just selfies posting. I like information, motivational content which can force me to achieve something better. I love to read those information which can change the worst into best.
But ufortunately most of the people are just spamming steemit by copy and pasting content. I generally flag those content and users. Steemit is the best when it comes to sharing. We just have to share the best of the best content or at least our own thought :)
Thank you @bitcoinparadise

I enjoy reading content that can help me as well. Information is very valuable and it's important to absorb the right information.

I'm sure in time, things will get better. Especially when the "communities" feature gets implemented :)

Okay! Now, you've planted a seed AGAIN. I'm on a hunt for info on communities.
---- Okay, I'm back. I read up on what is going to happen with communities and very cool, indeed.

If you missed it on my previous post, I linked a AMA of CEO Ned Scott giving us an idea of how this feature will work and whats to come ;)

How did I miss that! That's for sending me the link. 🤗

I was introduced to Steemit by a friend who is very clever about blockchain and bitcoin and who knew that I write. It's a great way to put up articles or try to amuse or inform people, as well as getting a lot of fun out of reading other posts and seeing other images or videos. The part I don't like is that it is an open door to the greedy and those who are badly behaved. But isn't that society anyway? I only wish we had a friendly neighbourhood policeman who could sort the wheat from the chaff, but we are on a social media platform after all. I always said I would not use social media. Steemit has surprised meand changed my previous view and I hope it goes on doing so. But please guys/girls, behave!

I agree with you... some are just after the money in this superficial society.

Nice to find someone in agreement! Thank you

It's people like you mers that keep others going, you're one of the supers, not 'ficial!

@jvalentine... ok, I have to agree that the motivation is the money....but, if you´re a long time blogger like me, it didn´t matter anymore. I do blog for the sake of writing something. I´m a Google Blogger and for as long as you don´t have great contents then nobody would read your post... I´ve been long in blogging although I don´t make it to earn big. I know a lot of bloggers on Blogspot and Wordpress who really do this as livelihood. Though I´m not earning on my blogs, I still continue to blog whenever time allows me... It´s just fun to be able to present good contents to my friends and readers and they keep on coming back.

I look for creative content, well researched truth posts and stories/posts to make me laugh after reading the more serious ones.
I also look out for underrated writers who are obviously slogging away producing quality posts for little reward regardless of whether the content is of personal interest to me as the diversity is important to the future of Steemit IMHO.

People will be lying if they say they are not here to make money. We've seen success stories of many, but can't really be jealous. Those people deserve what they are making. I am on Steemit since June, I understand how hard it is to climb up the ranking and attract real followers not those whom follow to be followed. Can't control what other people do. Can only stay focus and try to put up good and authentic content and give it long time. Hopefully from long term perspective the work will be rewarded.

I agree with you I am one of those too, when I first came here, I wanted to try. We are all here to earn something. But what I've learn during my journey, is not gonna work like that. This is not a sprint but a marathon. Those who are on top deserve it because they are working so hard from the beginning. We the newbie can only lean from them. I post the things that I like etc and share it to others. I help them to climb up by commenting on their posts especially my followers and newbie like me. I know them by heart by clicking on their profile names etc. Because their success is my happiness and my success is their success. I count my own blessings instead of others. Encourage one another if we can. xxx

It is a blockchain so it's hard to say you're not here to make money...

@susanli3769 I'm sure in the long term, there will be great initiatives that will continue to help reward good and authentic content.

Thanks and that's my believing too.

I love this post ... I actually read the content or look at the photographs and videos.

Hi @bitcoinparadise. I mostly I look for original work to upvote... inspirational, educational, creative, etc. I also read comments to see if people are leaving encouraging or meaningful comments for others. :) Really great post!

Then let's connect @karencarrens.. will welcome you to my site with open arms and promise to give you good contents .. you could see and read my latest post on Color challenge Thursday green which @bitcoinparadise visited a few hours ago.

I must admit, I first came to Steemit for the money! :D Of course I knew it wasn't going to be easy money but the idea of sharing knowledge and common interests and still making some money really excited me! I'm new here so my posts content has to improve a lot but the thing I like the most is other people's interesting posts. It's really enjoyable to read great well-written content on the most variable subjects.

I am looking at content and potential - I love to when its easy to give a good comment on a post. When a post has good comment, its really easy to be able to give a GREAT comment and when a post is just an 'ok' post, I typically only give a couple of words. Happy Sunday!! SUNSHINE247

Awesome article, well written ! Made me think.

Love the image at the end!


Thanks man! I appreciate it Safari :P

You are most welcome.

This is profound!

When Im on steemit. I look out to meet new people and make new friends and look for ways to add value to them. I use to be so engrossed by curating or creating content but right now Im tired. Lol

My first thought is of where my voting power is . As long as its above 85 I'm looking to UPVOTE . If a post is hot then there is no point in the upvote but the obvious is that in HOT we will find the best reading .

I look at the people overall, what they are trying to do and what is their goal. Although I don't have any SP I leave good comments to help moral.


I'm here for the content! I like the platform because I feel like I'm actually contributing to the betterment of society. I also love that being mean is super frowned upon! Cause...mean people suck.

This platform is a game changer and we will change the world! :P

Thank you for this, am a real new newbie and do not understand all the terminology, at least have a better understanding of blockchain, much appreciated :)

You'll get there. Just keep at it and interact with the community. There are lots of users on here that are trying to help new users to understand this platform :)

you look towards the progress. Great content and writing. Love it and upvoted. Please do follow me @inzeen

Right now I am new on steem and just learning the ropes. This looks like an exciting place to be.

It is a great and exciting place to be!

"A blockchain is a distributed database that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks. Each block contains a timestamp and a link to a previous block. A blockchain is typically managed by a peer-to-peer network collectively adhering to a protocol for validating new blocks."

Thanks for the explanation it has become more clear now

Great points, I think this post is really well made and focused! I look at a lot of different topics on Steemit as this social media has a lot of variety!

I look for content and person who contribute to community.

Nice artcle..Good points raised..we all need to be supportive in order to grow in this community..

I'm still new in SteemIt and I'm truly enjoying the learning experience. Still have a lot of questions and I learn from each of your posts and comments. I hope you could follow me or see some of my posts and share your feedback. @evyarts is a space to share, learn and explore. I upvoted your post, hope you can help as well ;) Thanks, and hope to read you all soon.

i think steemit is more then other sites...
n i agree with ur points n thoughts..
great post keep it up...

Another great post. Looking forward to more

Thankyou for sharing @bitcoinparadise.
I want to like you guys your posts are very interesting. I can not be like you guys.

My dear beloved steemit members. In the end, I love the inner love and respect of my heart. Today, I will tell you some truth about the purpose of all of you. Hope everyone will think about the matter. Initially, I want to say that this is a social networking site. It is not the means of earning money. However, yes it is creating a good opportunity for us. Which is good for all. But sadly, there is no post in it. Look at it. And one thing is very difficult that everyone just wants to follow him, but he does not follow anyone. So my request to everyone is mine. That everyone is helping everyone by steemit Build a family
follow and @shahaalam

Good post mr. @bitcoinparadise Very unfortunate if not upvote and resteem.

I am very happy to see your post, very useful and I will always visit your blog. Please help upvote me @bitcoinparadise

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