Tofu, the Cat

in #pet2 months ago (edited)

This is Tofu, my cousin's male cat. He is so adorable and smart. My cousin bought Tofu when he was little because he was alone and sick in a little cage inside a pet shop. His face did not have hairs then, he was sick with an illness they call mange.


My cousin, Mae, had always been a cat person because her late mom was. She now lives by herself and is committed to taking care of her furbaby, Tofu. The pandemic had been tough for her because she is a frequent traveller but Tofu had been a blessing because he is smart and a loving cat. They are purrfect for each other and I love receiving their photos together just hanging out watching TV or just lounging all day. Cats can be therapeutic.

This was how he looked before.

I am thinking it would be a great idea to have an emotional support cat like Tofu by my side. What do you think?! Who are cat persons ouy there? Leave your comments below. See you!


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