Competition - The Challenge Of a Best Pet Animal including Birds ( The Prize Is 10 SBD )- Voting day

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Pets are the most unique friends of man in this world. so i decide to start a contest of the pet animals.

You can also place the images of your pet birds.

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You need to be my follower

Place the photo in the comments space

Upvote this post

Resteem this post

Photo must be original : one photo max

Rules for Voting

1. Voter must be my  follower

2. You have to resteem my post to vote

3. you have to upvote the post

4. you can vote once only for one participant


1st prize: 4 SBD

2nd prize: 3 SBD

3rd prize: 2 SBD 

4-7 Price 0.25SBD

 The competition lasts for 7 days  .


Well, brother, I appreciate your efforts and Wish all the best in every of aspects of life may you be blessed by what you seek..!!

thank you my friend complex ma kia kar rh tha aj?

my vote for this competition number #2

i vote 18 10 and 9

whether other participants may vote?

can i choose myself?

yes you can vote for yourself but you have to upvote and resteem this post

you can vote once

this is my only vote

I vote for number #2

Both animal are great and great capture and very beautiful

you can vote for only one participant

Upvote resteem done also

I vote #2

my vote is #2

my vote for #2

I will vote For #2 because I really like rooster for battle...

When will the winner be announced?

its voting day. tomarrow i,ll announce winner

I love dogs, so I will Vote for 18.@gallantmayor
I will also love to participate in the next contest.

Nice contest

Vote for 24