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Took a break yesterday from writing about economy, crypto and covid-19, and this gave me space to write a post filled with cat entertainment. I just read that @catnet community is discontinued in Steem which was one of my favorite communities in Steem, anyway. Even then here is my cat post, a toast to pet owners as well as April 11th was National Pet’s day!!

Pussycat, pussycat, pussycat… this post will show you 3 cats, 2 of them some of my old Steem @catnet community folks would be familiar with… Garu and Mochu, the third cat, is a free flat cat who responds when I Meow, so let’s call that kitty Meow.

3 years of Garuji!!


On 17th March 2019, brought home a 3 and a half month old kitten called Garfield, now Garu. He is practically more than 3 years and 3 months old now. It’s a milestone. This cat is really special for he won the 3th and 4th best kitten award in a cat show 3 years ago(: … he is always a gem hidden in his humble ordinary looks. (And he even has a heart of Bitcoin!!)

Cat Garu was instrumental in breaking the stereotypes I held that cats are boring, unfriendly. This one is a bundle of energy, filled with a sharp naughty essence and gives you lots of cat love with dashes, purrs.


A pettable Mochu finally


Post a year and a half after Garu, adopted a rescued adult cat that became known to be Mochu in the household. It’s purpose was to entertain Garu who was obviously bored at home, with no cat to play. Mochu came, rather at first in the most unfriendly terms with Garu and then it went into hiding for 2 straight days, and re-emerged to fight with Garu and in a while they became friends.


***Applause goes to the generous nature of Garu to have accepted a new Cat, allowing it to share its space, food, litter and everything. ***

Mochu’s a rather noisy, uncloth and uncivilised, selfish cat. He would make loud noises demanding food, or simply whenever he was bored.He used to scratch me pretty badly as punishment for trying to touch him.This white cat is also super irritating, he still pushes away Garu to eat it’s plate of dry food, where Garu gives way and waits patiently till Mochu finishes eating and gets calm fulling that urge for eating.


Mochu also clumsily when bored jumps up to where Garu is sleeping, pushes Garu and occupies that space borrowed from Garu to sleep, licking Garuji but Garu does not take offence in general.

Mochu is a super talented roach catcher, and great at catching dangling play toys. Nowadays, Mochu’s become a tamer cat, that talks when one calls him, allows you to pet him and even when you lift him also, he won’t dare scratch you!! So… finally, he is a gentle cat. Although he is also a little naughty, visiting the kitchen often, and asking for food when cooking.


You boil fish for him and throw the fish bones in the kitchen dustbin, Mochu would take those bones from the dustbin when you’re away and devour it and meow and pester for that boiled fish that he undoubtedly sniffed in the air. (I think he most definitely prefers it raw). He would open cupboards and steal wet food packets and devour them. Plus he also bites newly brought toilet paper): … I know there is a toilet paper crisis abroad but Mochu can make it worst biting all your toilet paper….hee...hee...hee…

Meow friendly Flat cat…


I encountered this cat underneath a car and became friends with it after I meowed to it. Generally cats run away, but this surprisingly reciprocated meowing back, and then rolling its belly and then went past me dashing my legs. Some days later I found this flat cat has dry food fed to it by a elderly couple residing in the first floor of my flat. So I meet it many times in the early mornings, where it recognizes me and calls me.


I try to maintain distance with this cat, because cat Mochu is not fully vaccinated so cat parvo fpv virus scare is there.

However, it’s sometimes not possible because this cat is friendly, dashes you, follows you, hangs out with you in the sun and damn, it’s won your heart(: .


I feed it 2 spoons of wet food, royal Canin when I encounter it. It has happened that when I go down to recreate in the open, Cat Meow shows up, dashing, rolling, following me and seems to enjoy my company for a while even when I have no food to offer her.


Meow has asked me to pet it several times else it would run and block my way. Post contact with Meow, I always change my clothes and wash my hands because Mochu waiting at home stares at me asking, “so, my wet food?, I saw you taking it out, you should have given that to me, lady!!” Generally I lock Mochu up when I pack some wet food for Meow and release him after I refresh, so it can be safe for Mochu to come near me and demand what it wants adamentally.

It turned out recently I packed some wet food for Meow but I missed meeting her in the morning because it appeared she came earlier than usual and finished her breakfast. So I kept the little box on the table, only to find it open and empty lying down, and I knew Mochu kidnapped it and finished the wet food. He also kidnaps roaches literally, picking a big one up by mounth and running away. These days it’s helpful, because believe it or not I opened the main door once and a big roach dashed out of my house, I know it’s because of Mochu that roaches don’t like hanging out in my house.

So, these 3 cats are my dialy pet associations and during these social distancing times, they are the ones who are most close to me indeed. Personally, when I feel down, when I feel humans don’t accept me, cats like Meow say, I accept you as you are and enjoy spending time with you. Post that assurance, I feel good(:


The Bald version of me first embraced by cat Meow in person - Thankyou Darling!!

There was a time this year at January end that when I went bald(: … and that time cat Garu and Mochu did not accept me, but post half a day Garu accepted me. Meow, accepted me readily with or without hair, when she saw me next morning(: … My family members accepted me days later. I went bald because I wanted to show me that I am confident without hair, if men can be bald and handsome, women can be so too. So I became ‘hairless, happy me’ .


It turned out, being hairless suited my personality… and a new and more confident and shameless side of me became dormant.

It turns out, cat Meow accepted me without bias and so it’s a cat I like even more than my cat Garu who took time to accept me being hairless.

Ofcourse, my 14 inches of hair would have been made into a wig for cancer patients who feel terrible about being hairless, silly people.


So I became bald contributing to the happiness of the suffering in some sense by having donated my hair to Cope With Cancer, who make wigs for cancer patients.

Finally...a song to end this post dedicated to all cats(:

Title of the song can be guessed by this picture of Cat Garu sleeping.

This song is mostly copied from song ‘Sleeping Child’ by MLTR (Micheal Learns to Rock), one of my favorite songs. Here is the sleeping cat song, that can be sung to the tune of ‘sleeping child’. -

My Sleeping cat Lyrics

*'The Milky Way upon the heavens
Is twinkling just for you
And Mr. Moon he came by
To say goodnight to you

I'll sing for you I'll sing for mother
We're praying for the world
And for the people everywhere
Gonna show them all we care

Oh my sleeping cat the world's so wild
But you've built your own paradise
That's one reason why I'll cover you sleeping child

If all the people around the world
They had a mind like yours
We'd have no fighting and no wars
There would be lasting peace on Earth

If all the kings and all the leaders
Could see you here this way
They would hold the Earth in their arms
They would learn to watch you play

Oh my sleeping cat the world's so wild
But you've built your own paradise
That's one reason why I'll cover you sleeping child

I'm gonna cover my sleeping cat
Keep you away from the world so wide'


Jajaja no paro de reir, es tan parecido a la vida con mis gatos. Ellos solo estan interesados en la comida, cero caricias porque si no te muerden.