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RE: The centralization of Steem, and how it is killing off Pevo [UPDATE]

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I completely disagree. 1400 Steem a day for running a server?
Also, I think there need to be other measures for the ranking. We have >30 reliable witness servers. When there's nothing else to base the vote on, it'll be all about who you know best, and newcomers don't have any chance.


Steem is worth several hundred million dollars now. Being a witness is serious responsibility. There shouldn't be any kind of conflict of interest, like you have now. Any other project shouldn't be dependent on somebody being elected as witness. When users vote for witnesses, they should consider only how well the witness is going to do the job.

You are the one who is bringing politics on the table by basically blackmailing the community to vote for you or Pevo will suffer.

A witness is making >1.5M$ a year. Imo those funds should be used to enhance the Steem ecosystem wherever possible.
I also don't agree that this is blackmailing. I have community support, it's been only 5 (now 4) votes I don't have. Those guys blocked a community decision, and the community didn't stand a chance to do anything about it. I didn't ask for votes in the OP, because they wouldn't have helped.