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RE: ROAD to 1 million HIVE POWER - long term project for 2020 and 2021 [do not resteem]

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How can YOU benefit?

I spoke with few members about this idea and similar question appeared yesterday. Good friend of mine asked:

I really don't understand this part well but what will be the long term benefit for users who set up 50% ?

Let's talk about numbers and please allow me to share my vision (which I consider quite realistic one):

By end of 2021 I'm planning to dlease total >1 mln HIVE POWER to @ph-support. At the same time my goal is to expand our "elite group" to no more than 15-20 users.
It is to ensure that I've approx 10-15 posts daily to upvote using ph-support (in that case voting power would be on average around 50-70%).

In that case, 50% upvote would have strength of 500k HP. On top of that - 50% upvotes from @crypto.piotr, @project.hope and our ph-fund curation trail would most likely exceed another 500k HP.
With 50/50 split you will enjoy half of it, at the same time knowing that the other half would be constanly being used to grow our PH community.

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