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Great SteemInvite - but when we invite undreds or thousands of people, we click and click and click the mouse so much we start to hate new customers. As long as we are using your service - Can you make a "select all" or use checkboxes so that we can do this in one operation, please?

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 6.12.09 AM.png

Thank You.
More than just a BidBot.


hi @booster and @fyrstikken

i sent 5 steem , but your bot missed upvote. Pls send me my 5 STeem



I still wait my refund. Please help me. Thanks

yeah... it looks like there's a whole bunch of people with this same problem and just being ignored... including myself...


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hi @booster and @fyrstikken ,

My second missed upvote. What is problem? Again i sent 5 Steem, But your bot missed upvote.. Please totally refund my 10 STeem


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Hey , @booster and @fyrstikken

See This link :-

Today, I send unfortunately, 4 steem that link. Thats mistake. But bot can't refund. I know @booster always honest business. So Please refund 4 steem


steemd view.

It's been a pure coincidence that I stumbled over this post. I'll create a github issue for it, which I strongly suggest you to do for any future requests of this kind.

Yes, you are right - but in this way, we get to give your site some advertisement as well ;)

wonderful post.thanks for sharing this post.

Wanna send me a few accounts?

Hi @booster
I mistakenly send 0.5 SBD to u. plz return them back to me.
Thank you.

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minimum is 1 SBD or 1 STEEM @dallas27

Yeah.. Now send back that 0.5 sbd to me

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Plz check this post has not been voted by booster.

I don't know how and where to claim about this.

But, when you didn't vote my post then you should return my sbd......And now please return back my sbd.

Or, I will take action against it. Mind it.

Hi @booster... 9 hours ago I send you $4.000. but missed upvote.
Please refund... Thanks..


I send 20 steem to booster, but didn't get upvote. here is the transaction