Three Scary Characters (PHCTOP3)

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PHCTOP3 is back with another awesome topic for this months competition. Its October and that means Holloween is close and the crew at PHCTOP3 took notice as this months topic is Scary Characters (To learn more about PHCTOP3 scroll to the bottom of this topic).

First Up: IT

This is one of the many scary movies created by Stephen King. The original (1990) was a T.V. movie that aired in two parts. The original IT starred Tim Curry who acted in many other notable movies such as Home Alone (1992) and Clue (1985) among others.

If you are scared of clowns IT will be a terrifying movie for you to watch. The opening seen is enough to leave anyone scared even if you don't have a clown phobia. The remake called by the same name (IT) was released in 2017 and is just as good if not better then the original.

Next Up: Freddy

The main character in the franchise A Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy Krueger has to make this list. Watching this as a child (or man child) may have you staying awake all night because you wouldn't want Freddy to "get you". This scary character was burnt alive by the parents of the children he abused. He sought out his revenge in "Dream World".

If Freddy Krueger kills you in your dreams, you will die in real life. If you are somehow able to pull him out of your dream and back to the real world he becomes human and is able to be killed. This scary character was created by Wes Craven and was portrayed by Robert Englund in the original (1984) and its many sequels. They rebooted the franchise with a new actor playing Freddy (Jackie Earle Haley) in 2010.

Last But Not Least: Hannibal Lecter

If getting eaten alive doesn't scare you then nothing will. Allot remember this character from the movie Silence Of The Lambs(1991) but what many don't know is that the character first appeared on screen in the movie Manhunter (1986).

This scary character was created by Thomas Harris who created the novels the Hannibal franchise is based on. The character was originally played by Brian Cox. In the sequel the roll of Hannibal Lecter was played by Anthony Hopkins who has played the character ever since (Hello Clarice).

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Freddy and Pennywise were both on my original list too.... Love them!

I really need to get to watching the 2017 release of IT...

I watched the remake in theater. I didn't have high hopes for it but I was surprised at how much I liked it. For me personally the remake is allot better then the original.

I was going to pick Chucky as my third pick but Hannibal Lecter came to mind while I was creating the topic and decided to go with it.

Freddie scared the crap out of me as a kid, along with my sister teasing me, singing the song when I was bathing. I got out fast when she did that.

Love Hannibal Lecter. Have you seen the series Hannibal? It once played on Netflix. Not sure if it's still there. The actor did a fantastic job too. well worth watching.

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Ah yes, I forgot about the series when creating the topic or I would have mentioned it. I haven't watched it yet although I made an attempt to a couple times. I will have to add it to my to watch list.

Solid choices yet again! You can't go wrong with the scariest clown character ever and the dude that made insomnia a welcome malady. Love the addition of Dr. Lecter to the list. I like Anthony Hopkins in a lot of things, but he was brilliant in that role. I don't think I've heard of Manhunter before, though, so I'll have to check that out. Good luck this round Champ! You have some good competition so far. :)

I would suggest for you to watch the T.V. series WestWorld.

Anothony Hopkins is one of the main characters and he brings the Dr.Lecter vibe to the show. Although the show isn't for everyone as it has allot of nudity in it.

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As expected, great choices @rentmoney. Hannibal Lecter, inspired choice. He didn't even cross my mind.

Good luck


PHC Top 3 - Blog Header Image.png

Hannibal Lecter came to mind at the last minute. I originally was going to go with something more traditional like Chucky that would likely get more votes but I ultimately decided against it.

I think IT will be somewhere in the top there and Freddy will likely score high as well. I have no clue where Hannibal will end up but that's one of the reasons I picked the character.

I read a couple of the other entries and will be reading more and upvoting / commenting on them before days end. Thanks for the cool contest!

Great choices.
tbh i don't get scared watching "scary movies" i find them funny smh 🤣🙈

I let myself give in to them, I don't get scared per say but there's something there to that nature.

I guess everyone has something to see from scary movies, i personally hate gore horror as it makes me want to puke 😅


Thanks for the beer

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Keep up the awesome entries :)

I'm not sure how I missed this comment but that is very generous of you. I don't let bad eggs spoil the fun that is PHCTOP3. I look forward to seeing the poll results and I also look forward to participating in next months contest.

I know ocbd and crew is fighting bot abuse (use) and its the reason for the flag. I think they are going about it the wrong way but that's a matter of opinion I suppose.

Keep up the great work @nickyhavey.

Great attitude, I'll match the downvote amount as well and hope to see these contest get genuine curation without buying votes in the future. Please leave me a message when you donate.

Thanks @acidyo. I know that you're trying to eliminate the use of bidbots and really aren't discriminating on who.

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If it's something ocdb would be interested in sponsoring too then that'd be incredible really! Feel free to have a look at the @phctop3 account and our contest introduction post (may have to hide resteems to get there) - it explains a lot.

I'll let you know when I have sent the prize pool donation, just need to wait for a couple more post payouts then I'll fire it over.

Take it easy mate


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@acidyo @rentmoney

I looked at the downvote amount in total from all that downvoted on this post. I worked it out as around $0.70 something which is around 4.5 STEEM by my rough maths so sent that over to @phctop3 to top up the prize pool for this month.

Looking forward to the dpoll!


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Thanks for letting me know, sending the Steem now!

Amazing! Thanks a lot @acidyo, going to be a nice prize for the top 3 winners this month 😀

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Great picks @rentmoney. I am really loving this month's contest.

Thanks, I agree this months contest is allot of fun.

Great scary choices., @rentmoney. 👻

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