Why I fall in Love ?

in #philanthropy4 years ago

I remember days when She used to study at Harvard and I used at study at University of California. One day, I decided to visit Massachusetts, US and explore its beauty. On the way to Massachusetts, I saw a beautiful woman with simple dress and helping troubled people at local station. I always remember her words while helping people, "It is my duty. For the sake of humanity, God has created me. Therefore, I must help people". These lines really impressed me. During these times I was disappointed due to family issues, but her approach to share love with troubled ones changed my state of frustration to state of untiring love. At last, I fell in love with her...

One day I was shocked when I saw that she had gone through serious accident and She passed away. I cried for days, but one day I was remembering all the moments I spent with her. Suddenly, I remembered her beautiful sayings, "Never cry just because someone is physically away, our souls are close each other". These lines change my ideology and now a days she is always with me


@asiflund Did you like it. How do you feel that humanity can solve lot of problems and it can change the world