When You Don't Believe It Can Help Your Health Problems, It Becomes a "Miracle"!

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Recently I've been more active in promoting our superfoods juice and healthy coffee products. Why not when a lot of people should be drinking it during this pandemic. A few people who've decided to take a "risk" in drinking it ended up praising the product. That's what I'm going to share with you all on this post.

👉 Why take plant based supplements?

Perhaps you are one of the Westerners who do not believe in traditional and herbal medicines. Well I don't blame you, that's your culture.


In the Filipino culture, we have what we call Pasma. If you read the Wikipedia entry about it you will see the symptoms include "hand tremors, sweaty palms, numbness and pains." It happens in certain situations like when you're really tired from using your hands all day and night (typing or writing or doing art, etc.) then you suddenly wash your hands without resting it. Boom! Pasma then happens almost immediately or after some time.

Of course Western medicine shakes their head at it and says it is not true. Same as what they say about bangungot or Sudden arrhythmic death syndrome: dying from a nightmare. People don't believe it can happen but it does. So what do we Filipinos do to prevent pasma and bangungot from happening? We follow common knowledge folk medicine and precautionary measures. We avoid doing certain things.

We also have what we call folk healers. They are the ones who use and prescribe certain herbs that are used to treat various diseases. Not all areas of the Philippines have doctors so these important people fill the place of the much needed medicine man in provinces and certain indigenous tribes. For example if you have chicken pox, you take a bath with water boiled with certain seeds (I forget what it is) to help dry up the skin problems. If you have a cough, people boil Lagundi leaves and drink the tea.

The same thing with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine (India), for them that's what has been commonly used to treat diseases for centuries. They use herbs and various plant parts to heal illnesses so why can't we believe that just by consuming plant food we can be healthy too?

In case you don't believe it then it's not our loss. I am not the one who will spend tons of money on synthetic drugs and medicine. 🤷

Hey I'm not saying medicine is bad. All I'm saying is plant parts can be helpful in healing sicknesses too and those have been used as treatment for centuries.

👉 What is One Opti Juice?


Even before this COVID-19 pandemic came upon us I have already been drinking this product since June 12, 2019. For those who are unaware, that is the Independence day of the Philippines from Spain. It also stands in as the date of our independence from the USA afaik. Suffice it to say, it's very apt because it is the day I became "free" from various illnesses. 😁

As you all know, prevention is better than cure. Better late than never, right? This is why I did not hesitate to drink this once I discovered it existed.

Just one bottle is good for 1 day or more than 1 week depending on your health status. Buy 4 bottles and it can be good for 1 month! What have you got to lose when it's just P350/bottle? ($8.50 or GBP 6.80)

What is this small amount when compared to thousands you spend on medicine or future hospitalization expenses that can reach up to 6 or 7 digits? Whew. I would never wish that financial burden on anyone just because they did not take care of their health or do not believe in superfoods.


This is why I am promoting this product everywhere because it can help people have a stronger immune system to fight illnesses. All you need to know about the product is in the image above. Otherwise read more here or just contact me directly. Sun/Viber: +63932 1800 937.

Product Testimonials

Not all people provide testimonials. Would love to hear from the one who bought 24 bottles from me in London, UK last year but there's nothing up to now. Haha.

So far here's some of the testimonials I got from my local personal customers. 2 found it useful for detox and 1 for high blood:




See that? 👆 At first she did not believe the superfoods juice can help her with high blood but she was still brave enough to try and order from me. A few days later she suddenly sent me a message. *ta daaa! 🎉 * She said she could not believe that One Opti Juice is effective for high blood! Wow! Now she is also a distributor of our health products. Hahaha. It really feels good when we help others with any of their health concerns. ♥️

Other testimonials are from those who have worse illnesses like this one.


How about you? What do you think will be the effect on your body if you order from me and drink this product?

❓ Question: I am allergic to one or some of the ingredients in the juice, what now?

Answer: Well do what my other customer from Washington, USA did. She ordered our healthy coffee instead!


👉 What is One Opti Coffee?


Why did I recommend this healthy coffee to the person who inquired from me? Well because she was not allergic to any ingredients in One Opti Coffee.


Actually the superfoods juice is fine for her as it can also help people with allergies and asthma due to the other superfoods ingredients which can counteract the effect of the 1 thing she is allergic to but I did not want to push it. I know she's not ready for it yet that's why I just offered the healthy coffee instead.

Tried to send the package thru the post office but due to quarantine and COVID-19 procedures I sent four boxes of coffee to her via DHL instead.


Suffice it to say she got it in just 5 days instead of the estimated 8 days.


I'm glad to know that she is happy with the coffee. She said it also helps her sleep well too. Another healthy customer this time thanks to One Opti Coffee!

👉 What other health products are available?

Well actually we have several amazing products you can order from me.

There's the Apple Stemcell Soap, Opti White and even a liniment oil and many more!



If you'd like to know more about each and should you wish to be a product distributor in your area too, just contact me for assistance. Especially due to the pandemic, more and more people want to strengthen their immune system at a very affordable price!

💯 You can never go wrong with health products. Don't believe me? Well, locally there are already many mega centers popping up left and right now because of the growing popularity of our products.


Don't be the last one to taste and experience the health and financial benefits too!

No pressure if you'd rather not do this as a business in the beginning then just be a distributor product user to get big discounts!

Also, did you know... We already have distributors in other parts of the world as well! It's not too late for you to be one of us. We hold online Zoom trainings, meetings and business presentations almost everyday! Set a schedule with me and find out more about One Opti Marketing, Inc. and it's products.


As with all dietary supplements, let me just say: No approved therapeutic claims.

Our products are FDA & HALAL certified too.


  1. Fill up the order form here: https://forms.gle/1jDbWaTAmRbzMT689
  2. If you have no internet access, contact via Facebook Page or text or pm me your full name, complete address, mobile number, item order, quantity (ilang bote) and preferred payment method (see below).
  3. Send the payment after I provide you details of your chosen payment method.
  4. Send me the proof of payment (receipt or deposit slip) after payment.
  5. Once payment has been confirmed, we will meet, you will pick up or I will ship your order.

*Bogus buyers will be blacklisted and posted online.

Here are some of the products and the pricing, shipping fee not included yet:

One Opti Juice: P350 / bottle of 300 ml. ($8.50 or GBP 6.80)
Good for 1 day or more than 1 week depending on your health status.

One Opti Coffee: P230 / box of 10 sachets. ($6.00 or GBP 4.80)

Opti White, Glutathione + Collagen from Japan: P2,150 for 30 capsules. ($50 or GBP 40.25)

✅ Apple Stemcell Soap: P300 ($7.00 or GBP 5.65)

✅ Escential Liniment Oil: P270 ($6.50 or GBP 5.25)

❤️ Payment via BDO online transfer / bank deposit, Other banks to BDO online transfer and GCash TO BDO. Paypal or Western Union for International orders. International pricing already includes handling fees.

❤️ Delivers from Quezon City, Philippines via Grab, Lalamove or Happy Move for NCR (a.k.a. Metro Manila) orders. Can be delivered nationwide via LBC, fee by buyer. International orders are sent via DHL or EMS depending on the country.

Got more questions? Your health and wellness is still in your hands.

Contact me on Sun/Viber: +63932 1800 937
Globe/Telegram: +63917 768 8444

Like and follow my Facebook page for more details and product updates.

So, what do you think about plant based supplements? Have you consumed any yet and what was the effect? Feel free to share.



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