My First Vlog & My Steemit Journey will end up to This 😕

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Hello everyone specially to my fellow filipinos. This my little blog for today would be focusing on my journey here in steemit. It's been 6 months since i started to join and try my luck here. But as time goes by, i learned that steemit is not that easy make money as 1,2,3. You have to have a good quality posts, but even though it seems that you have that one good posts is not enough to gain more upvotes and followers. It is a sad part and reality here in steemit.

Last month i decided to resign on my job as a spray painter and focused my mind and my effort here in steemit. I try to explore some new platform inside the steemit like the Steemhunt. But sadly the steemhunt rules over the upvoting of the hunters ranking are change. I thought that i could earn sbd if i focused on hunting new and cool products and make an entry everyday for steemhunt but they change and now it is much harder to gain an upvote from steemhunt because levelling is so hard.

I love photography so i try to create my everyday black and white challenge to participate to photo contest. As usuall, it just the same. Well i don't have a professional camera to have a professional shot though i try hard to edit and made good shot just on my smartphone. Maybe if i could have that good camera i will be better photographer.

I now realized that steemit cannot support my everyday living for the mean time. But i'd still love steemit and spend more time again later on. Right now i am now looking for a new job to support my needs and this will be resulting that i will leave steemit for a while. Sadly i have to do this, i want to stay longer here but i am not yet into the level of making a living from here. But i won't give up. Need just a little moment to focus and other stuff. I hope that this words of mine can relate to anyone that still here on steemit but seems that reality doesn't meet our expectations. I will be out for a month but i will back and hoping for a better career before the this year ends. Thanks for your time on reading my thoughts and a bit personal to open it up.

Anyways i do have to try a new one and made me realize that i love to this this more often. This video below is my first vlog on my home town in Bulacan. I visited my grand mother and i was surprised that it was my home town fiesta. Fiesta is festival of saints that filipinos celebrated in every year in every other town here. I am not a devoted for any saints but this is my first time to actually participate and witness how our town celebrated it. I hope you will have time to watch this. Thanks in advance and hoping to be back soon!

If you like my video you can support me by subscribing to my channel sharing my video and hit the like button. I used my own dialect here so just bare with me for the mean time.

Suportahan niyo ko kabayan subscribe lang masaya na ko😊
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Farewell and good luck! Keep writing, the leader once said that money is just a bonus. We wish you all the best from your @steemph.bulacan family. Thank you. One more don't hesitate to write using our national language when you get a chance or let's when you're back.

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