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Wonderful day food lovers! ♡

Sharing to you my entry for @worldsdailyfood's photo contest. This time its all about drinks. Photo above is one of the freaky shakes we ordered when we had our lunch at Pensione de San Juanico.

I remember giving this Creepy Forest a 3 out 5 rating. The presentation was undeniably appealing (and instagrammable) but it was just too sweet for me. Probably, fries or kropek (which is also available in their menu), would be a perfect partner for this drink.

The exact location of this place is at Brgy. 97, Cabalawan, Maharlika Highway, 6500, Tacloban City. The place is just so near the famous longest bridge here in the Philippines, the San Juanico Bridge .

This shake costs 119.00 Php or about 2USD and few cents which I think is just fair because it was really overloaded with sweet stuff.

Thanks for dropping by. Keep steeming everyone. =)


Kalami oi so swee like you.

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Whoa! It’s like a chocolate overload and looks delicious! 😋
Thanks for joining again. 😊

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