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Do you like dessert food? It means it would be so sweet for sure. Now one of the desserts that are popular in Philippines is this "buko salad." Buko came from our language in Philippines, it's tagalog dialect. Also buko came from the coconut tree. Actually there are many types of how this coconut given us resources. Like coconut oil, coconut milk and it will happen when the flesh of coconut will be squeeze to provide milk or oil. The process just different.

However, in making this coconut a salad it's different. It means you're going to eat it's flesh but there's a but on it. We can eat it's flesh when the fruit is still soft. Unlike in creating an oil, the coconut fruit should be hard or old already that it will fall down from the tree.

In making coconut dessert, the fruit is still young like in the image above. We will make sure to cut it into half so we can extract it. We will just use a materials that it will shape different from it's original form.
The gulaman of this salad was just a variety into it. Usually we didn't put gulaman because the "buko" enough is already delicious. If you have coconut tree in your country and want to know how to make this types of salad. Let me tell you how of course.
First, the one who will get the fruit from the tree must knowledgeable. We need a young types of fruit in making the salad. It's essential to understand the texture of the fruit.

Now, if you're done extracting it's flesh from the fruit. Place now condensed milk, any types of milk. It's up to you to decide but delicious types of milk is better. Don't put juice from the fruit because the taste of it will be different. Add a little sugar if the sweetness is lacking for you.

I won't recommend to add gulaman so it's up to you decide for it. After putting milk, place it in a cold place like refrigerator. It will taste delicious when it's cold. After doing it, wait a little longer and it's ready to eat. I'm telling it's very delicious, I'm not lying.

See how delicious it is through a video.

By the way video and images are not from me. It's from a friend who sent me so that I'm jealous of tasting it. lol

thank you for reading

d' dreamboy,

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