I was made for loving you by Tori Kelly & Ed Sheeran | Song Cover#12

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I was made for loving you by Tori Kelly feat. Ed Sheeran | Song Cover # 12

Hello steemians! Let me share my new song cover for this week. I've been away and not able to play or even sing for almost a week because of my wisdom teeth apparently appear and it gave me so much pain that i couldn't eat and talk that much. It really annoys me most specially when i try to sing. My gums are inflammed and i have a swelled cheek. This is one of my most painful tooth ache experience since i haven't felt to have a tooth ache ever in my life. Thank God, now it's gone and so, this is my new video:)

I am so happy that this week i am planning to dig more songs to cover, but i wish someday that i can be able to write my own songs! I've tried it before to wrote a lyrics but i struggle when i am going to put the melody. There are some instances that the melody comes first and them later on, i forget the exact melody and not recorded on my phone. So sad but it's true.

I admire singers that they make their own songs like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. But there is other artist that i admire too. She is Tori Kelly, i don't know if this song are made by her but she was a good singer, musician and song writer.

This collabs are one of my favorite one, though it is not a latest single, but i know that music has no expiration whether it is from the late years. Like the band Queen, their songs are still so famous.

I realized that when pains are worst and seems to unbareable, it really reflects on your attitude and your mood. But as a musician, pains are valuable. For example, learning to play guitar will caused some fingers issues like calluses. But if there's no pain (calluses) it will be a bit hard for you to learn the basic chords. :)

Hope you like my simple acoustic rendition of this song.

Thanks and Godbless!

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I haven't heard this song before. I'm actually surprised by that :) You made a beautiful cover! I told you many times that I love your voice so I'm not going to do it again :)

I'm sorry to hear about your wisdom tooth and I know exactly how it feel as I got one of mine extracted 3 weeks ago. It was no fun but afterwards I was feeling so much better and now I don't even know that I ever had such pain :)

Have a lovely weekend!

Hello there! Yeah i know this song was not so famous unlike to other collabs song of Ed Sheeran. But i am lucky that i found this love song. I hope you like and enjoy it. My wisdom tooth right now had stop from swelling my gums. But i hope that it won't come back again, the pain was a nightmare for me. Good to know that you have extracted yours. Godbless you!😉

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