Song Cover #3 KLWKN (Kalawakan OPM Song)

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Hello to everyone and good evening. My previous post was all English Songs and to be honest. Learning the right pronounciation with the 'TH' are one of the things i have to learn that much. Well, perhaps in due time i can make it better lol!

Since my first language was filipino. This is the most convenient way for me to sing a song like this cover of mine that i am going to share to you guys. OPM means original pinoy music.
The title of the song Kalawakan means Galaxy. The band behind this beautiful song is the Music Hero. This song is about how does it feel when you are in love with that person. You feel so magical. Though you are far from each other, distance is not a hindrance to still love him/her. This song is perfect for young couples.

I hope my kababayan can check this out and even my fellow steemians can listen and watch the video.

KLWKN (Kalawakan by Music Hero)

O kay sarap sa ilalim ng kalawakan
Kapag kasama kang tumitig sa kawalan
Saksi ang buwan at bituin sa pagmamahalan nating dalawa, nating dalawa...

Tanaw parin kita sinta
Kay layo may nagningning mistula kang tala
Sa tuwing nakakasama ka
Lumiliwanag ang daan sa kislap ng 'yong mga mata
Pag ikaw ang kasabay puso'y napapalagay
Gabi'y tumatamis tuwing hawak ko ang iyong kamay

Simoy ng hangin na kay lamig sa katawan
Daig parin ang liyab na aking nararamdaman
Sa tuwing tayo'y magkabilang mundo
Isang tingin ko lang sa buwan
Napalapit na rin sa iyo
Langit ay nakangiti nag aabang sa sandali
Buong paligid ay nasasabik sa ating halik

Ps. You can use google translator if you are interested to this song's meaning. Well i guess it won't be so closed but it can help to have some idea about this song. Thanks!

Thanks and Godbless us!

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While I didn't understand the words, I really enjoyed your voice, @rachelleignacio. Your voice is lovely, and so is the music to the song. I wish you well, and I think you have a future in music if you choose to pursue it more. :)

Hi @glenalbrethsen, thanks! for a foreigner like you gave time to watch my video. Steemit makes my dream to have a bit clue what's ahead of me as i am now starting to push myself more. Thanks again and Godbless you!

Your voice is beautiful. So gentle and soothing. Great job and welcome to the music community. I'll see if I can get a few more eyes and ears to check this song out for you. Keep it up!

Thanks @steemmatt for a warm welcome. I wonder how can i start in dtube. Maybe some time i can learn that such thing. This song was song relaxing i hope you could check it out. Thanks for dropping by. Godbless!

You'd just have to start uploading your videos to the dtube platform, which is a separate site from Steemit. You log in with the same credentials, potentially using SteemConnect as a medium between the two at first if I remember correctly..

The key with dtube is posting regularly to get on the dtube curation team's radar. Once they recognize you, keep posting and you'll likely be on their main upvote radar and get better exposure. Either way, anyone on Steemit can find your dtube posts. Videos may not be permanent on dtube unless you get a certain amount of votes or upgrade services to keep all your videos online.

I just posted an original song tonight if you'd like to hear one of the types of music I play on the drums. Feel free to take a listen.

Keep posting, pa more. I have some friends from the Pilippines and that was one of their favorite expressions. The only other word I remember is tubig for water. Oops.

Beautiful, I really liked it! Wonderful voice, music for the soul!

Ang ganda po ng cover nyo :) Ang galing na nung nakaraang covers nyo pero mas naging paborito ko po ito. Bravo. Mabuhay ang OPM :D

Maraming salamat kabayan, ikaw pa lang yata ang nakapansin ng cover ko na ito na pinoy eh. Kaya natuwa ako. Let us support OPM, visit my YT channel Search #rachellemusic on Youtube for more. kindly stay tuned sa next bro. Kahit ayaw mo na by This Band saka Buwan by Juan Karlos ❤️ Godbless!

Very nice melody and wonderfully sung

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