The General Principles that Govern the Universe

in #philosophies3 years ago


It has been said “To know and not do, is to not Know or care.” Profound truth that is self evident to me. We live in a critical time, and the actions we make today surely determine our future. The understanding of these 7 Priciples have changed my life in every imaginable way. I strive to align my ever action with both though and the power of aligned will. Though I make errors being an ever evolving consciousness upon the earth, I understand my role here like never before.
As I look around my environment each day I realize the emmence challenges we as a species face on the earth today. We have been brought to the brink of our own extinction because of our lacking of self, as well as the Laws that Govern the whole of creation itself. Each of us were born equal in our rights, though so few of us even actually grasp this most fundamental Truth. Each of us that have come to understand these Truths are obligated to live in accordance with them and become the light that shines through the darkness that has grown upon the earth.

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