Bridges and [walls].# 🔴

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As the rooster crowing is not enough for the sun to rise, truth doesn't need anyone to be, not even you or me.

Some rights are being taken as obligations, others modified to fit the new narrative, we have assumed and accepted our role outside of the so-called history, hijacked by professional liars. The formal scheme is prepared to create more gears in the ''production chain'', this are the times with most graduates and literates of all history, but to work where? for what? and for who?

Supposedly it was about freeing us from our dependence on the surroundings, but I don't think it's possible to expand a system that promotes the destruction of its bases.

With tyranny as a rule, we don't seem to have a very promising future, we got used to live on waiting, being fed with fear and tales till we forget life, fearing death or something else.

In the time kingdom it's nearly impossible to live without a clock.

Close to singularity, on the verge of extinction, kleptocracy has triumph, luckily corruption is a fragile organism.



Nice work bro, good to see you back. Maybe edit in the categories informationwar instead of history, for some extra upvote loving.

Done, thanks brother!

Oh by the way, that montesa scorpion king arrived, and the engine in it is not scorpion, it is a cappra 250 v series engine, and for sale if you know anyone that wants one.

It came with surprise lol, I'll ask to my cousin but I think now he is with some vespas and doesn't have too much time, I'd keep it myself but I'm still searching for some barns to fill, you have to give me some classes on how to find those deals my friend, I'll tell you if I find someone interested.

:-) Life lesson bro, just be lucky and it comes, always wear a smile and you are half way there.
Cheers bro.