Engineer yourself, time's up. ⌛

in #philosophy3 years ago

Takes time to realize the mental game that is life, even light needs some time to move, nowadays it's easier than ever to learn but as you can see, not everyone wants to.

Answers cannot be found without clear and specific questions, occasionally you don't even have to execute them since a lot of info is out there. Whatever we are creating is what will be. As far as I know, there's nothing for free, not even being a fool, sometimes you pay with money, value or time, others with your life, assimilate it costs a lot, but once you do it you'll not have anyone pissing on your couch.

The game begins to turn into war, a psychological operation to put us all against eachother, although that is nothing new.

Only evil can survive and proliferate in the indoctrination rotten system, they will never tell you something you want or should know, we are fed with fabrications and irrelevant content, media job is to scare you and let you feel atomized and impotent, it's not unintended, as its side effects. Left and right are two feets on the same body with a planned path.

Propaganda has been normalized through hollyweird and the show business, it has reached a point where there seems to be no distinction between drama and news and I have no idea on how to stop it, I believe that's a personal matter of priorities, if people like to be feed with shit and lies I don't know why they're complaining about it.

Another way to look at it is through the lenses of any ideology, if you don't know how to remove those glasses, you may not see the whole picture.

Gaps have always existed, even in knowledge, perhaps we aren't able to cover them all but your own ones are undoubtedly easier to work on.

As a result of all this nonsense, it's not difficult to see how we are treated like pets or cattle, bizarre times indeed, but we are where we are.

On being oppressed we should be experts but since long ago, workers and users doesn't know how machines and devices they are using, creating and developing works or their purposse and it has been our fault most of the times by not realizing that the image of the human being has been deconstructed by those means.

Without freedom, fundamental processes are interfered, society goes back and living becomes an ambush. Reality will remain, even unassisted.


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