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RE: Metaphysical Mycelium Mushroom Minds Of Planet Earth ... And The Space Time Continuum!

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Yup, excellent​ post and right up my alley. I'm sure you're aware of the entheogen theory of religion and it's one I subscribe to and can testify to. It was my use of these substances that converted me to theism.
Here is a conspiracy theory of sorts and it's based on Christian Gnosticism​. It's Sofia the mother Goddess who wove her consciousness into the fabric of reality. There are those within certain religious sects that know this to be true. Tragically there is the other side of the coin: the archons of the demiurge who have tried to wipe Sofia from history and replace her natural knowledge of reality with pharmaceutical distortions​--a kind of sorcery​. They've used other tactics, too, but they are not relevant​ here. There also seems to be a technocratic sorcery happening also and I​ suspect there are hidden agendas there​, too.
Now, if what I'm​ saying were true events happening on this planet today would make sense. Coincidentally Mouthy Buddha's latest video is on societal chemical​ distortion.


Hey @andrewmarkmusic thanks for the support and great comment, I really appreciate it! I mean this as a compliment as I love hearing him speak, but I have to admit when I heard you speaking on your music video I thought you sounded a bit like Terence Mckenna!! Yes I have heard of these theories and i have spent many years studying them, it's such a huge subect that it's difficult to know where to start. Did you read my bloodlines post earlier in the year? If not I think it may contain a few elements that would be of interest to you:

You're bang on the money with your mention of technocratic sorcery. It's happening all around us and they're incorperating many aspects of ancient occultic knowledge into modern science. I again have spent many years looking into this and I know the truth in that statement. Many of the concepts heralded as cutting edge science are in effect thousands of years old! The words "truth is stranger than fiction" have never been more valid. Thanks again my friend!!

Yes, timely link:) I've added it to a recent post called Total Control.
I'm enjoying McKenna although I concede he's a recent find for me although I do have a long history of knowledge within the entheogen field in general. The only criticism I have of him so far is that he hasn't delineated enough about what he means by a return to the archaic​. My view is that experiences like nonduality actually came out of prerational archaic consciousness and that is indeed what people are experiencing when they experience this state. In part, that is why I don't subscribe​ to the recent spiritual trend of nonduality and remain within the camp of ontological dualism​. I do, however, feel that archaic​ modes of consciousness do need to 'supplement' newer modes like reason and logic as modernity through these faculties has led to reductionism and materialism​ and the turning of humanity into objects of financial exploitation.

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