The Transcendental Power of Radical Forgiveness; Dissolving un-truth in Truth.

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Forgiveness comes from being (in) a space of unconditional Love.


When one who comes from a space of unconditional love - the natural state - forgives, what they are doing is recognizing what is true and what is illusion.

When one forgives illusion, they are realizing truth.

When one realizes truth, they forgive illusion.

When truth is realized, Illusion dissolves, for what is unreal cannot exist in the presence of what is ultimately real.

The ALL-pervading truth that existence IS, is unconditional love; it is the very essence of all that DOES in reality exist.

Illusion only exists as illusion, and thus not as truth .

Therefore, when one comes into their natural state, they will naturally forgive all unnatural states; for they will know that only the natural state, in reality, exists.

When something or someone is aligned with truth, it does not need to be forgiven.

Only what is not aligned with Truth can be forgiven, for the fundamental, unshakable Truth of existence is perfect; thus it does not need to be forgiven.

Thus, then, only Illusion can be forgiven, because only Illusion is not already perfect.

In this Matrix realm on planet Earth, there is an abundance of untruth to be forgiven.


Anything that is not in-line with the All-Pervading Truth that has manifested existence, is ultimately unreal.

It is only real in the illusion we experience it as in our earth experience.

Other then that, it is a lie; because it is untrue.

For instance, Evil is a lie, for it is not the all pervading truth which has manifested existence.
It is a created opposite of that energy; an extraction of that energy.

Another word for Illusion is Energy Veil.

Evil, undoubtedly, is a energetic veil that distracts from the all-pervading truth.

Illusion is an energy veil because a veil hides what is behind it.

Illusion hides fundamental Truth .....yet since fundamental truth is all-pervading, it cannot truly be hidden, or made irrelevant.

It is Omnipresent.

This fundamental truth is manifest in all living beings and all physical "objects".
It is manifest in all things.
It has manifested itself into all living organisms,

It is The All which hath manifested All.

The creator which has birthed the Creation.

In truth, this all-pervading essence is the only Reality; it beckons reality's fulfillment.

Anything that is not of this essence, cannot in reality exist; as what is not fundamental reality cannot fundamentally exist.

Since truth is fundamental, or absolute, it is complete.
Thus anything that is untrue is COMPLETELY untrue, because Truth is complete.

Over-coming E-veil.


Although the atrocities of evil hold the potential to deeply effect us, we can transcend its power through radical forgiveness.

Radical forgiveness is applying forgiveness in a radical way.

This means applying it to any applicable situation even if it seems counter-intuitive.

If only truth is real, then evil is an Energy-veil and is thus unreal.

It is only real in experience, but it is not fundamentally real.

We can experience Illusion, but don't have to be-lie-ve that it is real...

Instead, we can recognize that the fundamental reality of existence is the most-high and all-permeating truth;
Thus dissolving illusion as we come to know truth.

In the ultimate reality, only truth can exist....

In the ultimate reality, there is no room for illusion; there is no room for Fear, Evil, Poverty etc.

These mechanism's are unreal, as they have been created by the sons of God , NOT BY GOD HIMSELF.

As we learn that only fundamental truth can truthfully exist, we can meld the divide between truth and illusion.

Fundamental truth has manifested its life-force into all; this is how you can tell what is fundamental Truth.

....only the high vibrating frequency of this life force exists....anything else does not IN REALITY exist, and only exists in experience.

Realizing that truth is fundamental and within all, we thus realize that anything that is not of this truth is not real, and release whatsoever is not of this Truth.

This process is called forgiveness.

Through this process we can magnify the power of truth and simultaneously dissolve illusion.

Since only fundamental truth is real,

Forgiveness frees the world from lies.

When we forgive, we are "seeing with eyes unclouded".

When we forgive, we are recognizing the Truth of God's unconditional Love, and we are dispersing the untruth of illusion.

As we forgive disharmony in others, we forgive our own disharmony.

This does not mean that we should not look at evil and pretend it does not exist...

...For it DOES exist in illusion....which means that many people experience evil.

However, people only experience evil because it is perpetrated by lost souls.

It is a perpetrated illusion.

As we forgive illusion within ourselves and others, we forgive all illusion.

As we forgive illusion, we become Harmony.
As we forgive un-truth, we become Truth.

Radical Forgiveness has the power to dissolve illusion.

As we dissolve illusion, we become truth.

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foregiveness is key to overcoming all illusion

So our whole path through this earth should be a perpetual search for truth?

That is for you to decide; The truth I am talking about is the fundamental truth that is all existence.....some call it God, I call it life.

What do you think about truth? How to spot it? I've heard that truth can be spotted between two opposite ideas. Only when we have thesis and antithesis

Self realization.

Forgiveness is extremely important... with forgiveness we can free ourselves from all manners of emotional burdens. Besides, who wants to walk through life harboring ill will towards others?

Exactly; forgiveness is freedom from illusion.


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A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.
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