unless you can convince all the bot owners to take their bots down, its pretty irrelevant what anyone thinks about the value or lack there of on any post.

Agreed. Something seriously wrong here. Is there any thing one can do about this?

I have an idea but it'll probably be misunderstood and ignored. I'll post it soon. It's a platform-wide fix that would increase the rate of steem creation immediately and we don't have to do anything further than unify intent as you're voicing here.

The perpetual roadblock with my solutions is often not many people connect the dots they rather reflex oppose anything they don't automatically understand. This place is broken until the numbers match the intentions of actual steemians like yourself.

I know how to fix it all at once with zero further work for anyone but I also know how people receive me across life. I'll post something soon you'll see what I mean. The fix is easy and always will be no matter the issue. It's the issues themselves that are difficult.

I'll await your solution with interest.

Also, I love that you've come here to eradicate capitalism. That's not sarcasm - as @benleemusic said to me recently, 'we can each begin where we are'.

Seize the means of production?

Personally, I wish I could mute this sort of trashy account from appearing in my feed. I accept there's not much one can do about unfair distribution of rewards without a drastic change to the system.

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