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RE: Metaphysical Mycelium Mushroom Minds Of Planet Earth ... And The Space Time Continuum!

in #philosophy4 years ago

Amazing post @perceptualflaws ))) You certainly got me on this one ! I have taken alot of mushrooms i confesss in my younger years ! They certainly took me to places you cannot go on a plane )) " Does it have a message to share with those that can hear it’s whisper? " I heard the whispers and after all of my " experimentation " i came to the conclusion with these words that came into my mind, like they told me of what they are !!! The phrase which came and that I shall never forget is that " We all live in a Green Cathedral " !! The secret of life is wrtten beneath our feet !!


Hey my man @gomeravibz thank you for stopping by and leaving such a great comment and I'm really glad my post resonated with you. Ah yes the Cathedral of life beneath our feet, indeed the foundations for all life! I wonder how many take time to think about the high tech internet, cathedral of consciousness that lays just beneath our feet! In the age of the ego it's humbling to think that we are all part of something far bigger than we can imagine, and it's happening all around us! What an amazing gift life can be and equally should be for all @gomeravibz Thanks again my friend, catch you soon.

What a lovely person you are @perceptualflaws, so clear worded and honest ! Really nice to read your such incredible posts that go further to satisfy my own yearnings for knowledge and the big picture so clearly hidden all around us ))Keep them coming Brother )

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