Do Not Feel Better

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Shaykh Muhammad Al-Ghazali Al-Azhari Al-Misri recounted: "one day I once said to someone who is addicted to unclean drinks"; "do you not repent to God"?
"The man just looked at me with a look of glazed eyes and two eyes, and he just replied": "O Shaykh, just pray me!".
I also think about the man whose heart is touched: "his tears are the expression of all his negligence in the command of Allah", and his remorse for his negligence from his prohibition, and his desire to improve his relationship with his Lord, indeed this man is truly a believer, it's just that he's being tested and he wants healing from addiction, even he asks for my help by asking for a prayer from me".


I said to myself: "It could be the same as the man, or worse, I never know the taste of drinking alcohol, even then because the environment in which I live does not know it, but sometimes I'm addicted to the drunk of forgetfulness to Allah ﷻ which makes me not remember Allah ﷻ with many, sometimes I forget His rights, the man was crying because of neglect, whereas me and the people like me (the Da'i) never cry for our negligence, sometimes we lulled by ourselves". "Then I will look for a man who once asked for a prayer from me to be able to quit alcohol."
I also said to him: "Come here, we pray together for ourselves!"
ربنا ظلمنا الخاسرين
"Clean your heart, do not let a little taste better than others.

Sheikh Muhammad Al-Ghazali



Tilisan yang bermanfaat. Terimakasih telah membagikannya @iamrifk. Salam.


thanks, salam kembali

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