Speak good or be silent!

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In this era of globalization there have been so many firnahs that have shaken mankind. If called one by one the complicated problems that may never end, from the traditional market dilemma, to disputes in official space, from inter-religious conflicts to conflicts among Islamic mass organizations.

And this is what is called the end-time slander, the weakest people with the most severe challenges. So it is worthy of the Messenger of Allah. which means: "Verily, those who hold fast to their religion (Islam) at the end of time, they have the reward of 50 Companions, and indeed they are like one who is holding fire.

The scholars began to embrace the principle of science called FIQIH TAHAWWULAT, which is the study of the signs of doomsday and the ways of dealing with it, (one of the experts is Alhabib Ali Aljufry's Alhabib Abu Bakar Adani Almasyhur) because the most important is not slander itself, but how we respond to the slander.

Alhabib Ali Aljufry said of it: "in that most difficult moment, your best opinion is not to think", and it was recited by the Prophet's saying. which means: "The coming slanders that befell my people like the dark piece of the night, which makes the great man just confusion, at that time a Muslim the next day becomes infidels, and one who disbelieves tomorrow to be a believer.She sells his religion for worldly purposes treasure, thing, position, throne, and lust)". So from all the confusion and chaos of the end of the age, what is the solution?


Of course it is not the liberalism that permits all things, nor the mind-set of wahabism that is against everything, but the solution is the true manhaj!
How is the right manhaj?
Namely manhaj Rasulullah saw. which is poured into his sabd:
فليقل خيرا او ليصمت
"then speak good or be silent!".

Imam Ali r.a. asserted: "if the ignorant is silent, then the dispute will be complete".
So the essence of all these problems is that we can not be silent from responding to everything that we do not even know.

Please move if able to change, but if not able then be quiet!


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