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RE: What we gain when we worry

in #philosophy4 years ago

Some people always worry about their future that's why they can't enjoy their present . while some of them always talk about their past. But I think whatever the situation comes in the life we should stay positive .


Totally agree with you. But I think we learn to be worried all the time from our parents and relatives, because since we were little they have been our mirror. So, now it is up to us to change it and like you say, stay positive in whatever situation or at least try!! THANKS! :)

that's right friend, human virtue begins when we can control our emotions .. we are not the ones who decide when to be cheerful or sad, but we are the ones who can be able to decide if a certain situation collapses or raises us.

To achieve serenity at all times is a learning that can take a lifetime, of course in the exercise of the virtues of the human being as you say

that's right, that's exactly what my brother was talking about!

Absolutely right! :)

This is the best comment I’ve read so far. Though we will be facing a lot challenges in life, we should always stay positive whatever happens. :-)

It is ok to remember the past and worry about the future but it is certainly not ok to do it in extremes.


I have never known a case yet, where worry helped

This is very emotional, worry is a big killer diseases to life, like seriously. Thanks a lot @introvert-dim

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