Honestly Vulnerable | Full House: More than entertainment

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This week I have been enjoying an old television show, marveling over the morality and authenticity, while lamenting the state of TV today.

I understand TV is entertainment and not teacher. I am my families leader not the programming TV provides. Yet there was a time when entertainment was wholesome, depicting scrupulous admirable life... seemingly no longer.

The show I have been enjoying is Full House, where a hardworking widower struggles to raise three young daughters, with help from two close male companions. Each episode has real life problems about accepting self, work-life balance, honesty and love.

Honestly Vulnerable


Full House: More than Entertainment

The other day I was watching with my two kids and the episode centered around DJ, desiring to own a horse, decieving her father by paying with her own savings to stable the animal, taking ownership over it without dad's knowledge or consent.

It seems the girl then successfully cares for the animal without any perceivable complications at home... until she runs out of money to pay the stable fees. At this point dad finds out and there is a serious conversation about honesty and trust. Through tears the child admits her actions were dishonest, and with gentleness the father embraces her, admonishing the behaviour while loving the child.


Watching this, my 5 year old, sitting next to me, starts to cry, holding out her hand for mine. She understands the importance of honesty, and the horror of trust eroded.

Intimacy is to know and be known, and one cannot be known without sincere honesty. To be known truly one must first be authentic, to be your true self in the presence of those we say we love. The writers of Full House understood this, and so its viewers were both entertained and educated in a way that is rare today.

Entertainment can be puff, but if everything we consume is vapid, we are left starving.

As always, thank you for your time and attention. Have an amazing day and God bless.



I remember this show. It was a really good one.

Yeah, its fun and light, but has some depth too. :) Thanks for the comment.