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RE: Metaphysical Mycelium Mushroom Minds Of Planet Earth ... And The Space Time Continuum!

in #philosophy4 years ago

You got my 100% morning vote! Thanks for sharing this valuable piece of insight and art. It is a pity that I can't hold your work in my hands like a book and digesting it step by step, coming back as often as I like, but off screen.
Have a beautiful day!


Hey my friend thank you for the support and great comment, I really appreciate it! I'm so glad my post resonated with you .. it's a huge and multi-faceted subject and I can only hope to have given it the justice it so richly deserves. I've been at work all day, but now relaxing at home so you have to take the rough with the smooth. Hope you've had a great day! Thanks again @johano

Thanks for your kind reply. I look forward reading also you upcoming post about nutrition.

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