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RE: Inconsistencies, tomatoes and steem

in #philosophy3 years ago (edited)

When people realize that they are hypocrites, they will stop investing so much time and energy into most of their beliefs. I don't think it is possible to rid yourself of inconsistencies, people should just realize that they are there; even within their most passionate ideals. Just the realization of your own hypocrisy can do wonders for how you speak to others.

I could say something simple like "I love hot weather" yet would I be willing to swim inside boiling water? By saying no, I am a hypocrite. The problem is when people try to become to fixated on trying to be consistent that they actually become dumber and ignorant. Spending hours formulating their opinion in the most refined way where they can't see the inconsistency, yet for a bystander, is very simple to see.

I always hated tomatoes growing up, but I loved pizza, tomato soup and ketchup. I'm content with being a hypocrite and not needing to refine my opinion. I don't need to stress out over finding a new opinion that is consistent because a lot of times it is just time-consuming and not worth the effort unless the opinion changes naturally.


no doubt any obsession leaning to any extreme is bad, so i pretty much agree with your call for balance.