Care for Truth

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Care for Truth


The Great Work for "Living" (Higher Consciousness Living)

What do we care about? Do we really care for truth? How important is truth in our lives? Do we compromise the truth about reality? Do we stand for moral truth? What path in life are we walking? Which way are we headed? What compass are we using in life? Does our compass lead us towards (or away from), what is better, realer, more just, and a more moral and truer way of life? Do we have our compass set on the compassion to act towards bearing the moral truth and the good?


Care is in green to symbolize the generative, creative principle, the waters of life, life in nature, fertility, birth, growth, evolution. What we care for motivates and drives us in certain directions and ways of living. We have free will choice to choose what we do to generate our actions.

In blue is Truth. I represented the polarities of truth as blue, and falsity as red. In frequencies of color, red is lower, and blue is higher, while the middle is green. Falsity is low, truth is high, and in the middle is us: consciousness, care, courage and free will-power to choose between the two.

What we care for in life that drives us to act, can be based in truth, but it can also be based in falsity. Caring for moral truth is extremely important. Truth is Love, Love is Truth.

2) Knowledge, Grammar, Input, Stimulus

(Trivium Method - Step 1)


Truth Type 1 - What is the actual current condition?

Truth Type 1 is a grouping concept as a universal category to represent things as they are, what is. The "Truth" is a concept to symbolize reality, existence and the universe. Whatever is, is. Whatever was, was. Whatever will be, will be. Once something has happened as an effect in reality, it is, or was, and can't be undone. We can't change what has already happened. The present becomes the past as soon as it happened. Only the future holds the power to create new action and change that we manifest into the present. The future becomes the present, based on causal factors that lead to things happening. One of these causal factors is consciousness that can create, manifest and generate effects into existence.

"Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past."
-George Orwell

Seek Truth - The Great Work Level 1

We need to seek out, desire and care to learn the truth about our current condition, the truth as things are. Both positive and negative, beauty and horror, light and dark, moral and immoral. We must have the courage to face the darkness, demon, shadow, negative, immoral and evil in the world and within ourselves. This is the basic Truth Type 1, of all the right and wrong, truth and falsity, in the *existing manifested, generated and created reality *that is before us.

We have to doubt what we have been taught to accept about our way of life. We have to question how we live. We have to be curious enough to want to do these things and learn all our lives. Life is learning.

This is how we gain knowledge of existence and become empowered to do something about our current condition. If you don't actively seek to understand, then you only tacitly receive the information that is being presented to you.

3) Understanding, Logic, Processing, Thinking

(Trivium Method - Step 2)


With all the information collected, we need to process, filter and sort it all out. To discern truth from falsity, and determine what information is accurate, correct and valid, and what is inaccurate, incorrect and invalid. This requires diagnosis, evaluation, discernment and judgment. We can return to gain more knowledge, correct our understanding, and keep learning more about reality in a feedback process between our consciousness and existence. From gaining understanding to gathering more knowledge and gaining more understanding, over and over. As long as we care for truth and seek to continue to learn, we will always be able to learn more and refine our thinking, refine our understanding, and refine ourselves.

Embrace and Accept Truth - The Great Work Level 2

Once we figure out what is true from false, right from wrong, good from evil, moral from immoral, we need to accept this truth about our reality, and not reject it. We can't be engaging in positivity-masks and wearing rosy-colored glasses to ignore, deny, reject, deflect or dismiss what is currently happening in our world, and in ourselves.

Acceptance is required. Truth Type 1, the actual truth of our current condition, is now understood. It's possible to input data about reality, process it, yet reject it because we don't want to accept it for what it is.

4) Wisdom, Rhetoric, Output, Response

(Trivium Method - Step 3)


To know-thyself is part of philosophy, which is philo-sophia, the "love of wisdom". Wisdom is not simply knowledge or understanding, but acting on that understanding and living a certain way based on Moral Truth, the path and way of living as a truer, realer, higher version of yourself. Philosophy, the love of wisdom, is the love of right-action.

Truth Type 2 - What is the potential moral path and way we should be living?

Truth Type 2 is the Moral Truth/Law/"Love".

"Love", in a higher sense, not the romantic or other emotional sense, is the devotion and dedication to Moral Truth/Law because one realizes and recognizes the supreme value and importance of truth to determine and quality and condition of our lives. The Moral Truth/Law is an ideal that will determine what direction we should be heading in, what we should do and create into reality with our actions. If we Care for Truth, we can actualize, realize and individuate ourselves into living in truth.

Why do I say "Love"? Because LaW = LoVe in a philological sense (LW = LV) with no vowels, since "W" can interchange with "V" in many languages, as is the case in old English. Law = "Love" = Moral Truth, not your standard "love", but the higher consciousness "Love" as Truth, and Truth as "Love". To Care for Moral Truth/Law, and be devoted and stand for Moral Truth/Law as the foundational most-important "capital" and currency to spend and pay with your time, attention, actions and behavior.

Truth is "Love". "Love" is Truth. Truth unites. Lies divide. Embrace Truth. Care for Truth.

Embody, Live and Be Truth - The Great Work Level 3

We have to want to choose to take in and absorb into into ourselves, our core being, "essence" or "spirit" (i.e. consciousness), the Moral Truth, and reject, negate an expel the falsity being lived. We need to change ourselves, to do some inner-work and transform our mindsets, to embody, live, exemplify and become the Way and Path of Moral Truth. The story of Jesus symbolized the Way and Path of Moral Truth/Law/"Love", the "light" and "life".

We create good or evil by our moral or immoral actions. The "spirit" in which we do things is based on what we care and desire to do. Caring for Moral Truth is important.

It's up to each of us to change our individual personal condition, and the overall aggregate condition in reality. This is part of our personal responsibility in life, and to truth. Truth contrasts to falsity. Truth divides itself from falsity. Truth is the "sword", just as the story of Jesus symbolizes in the parable of Matthew 10:34. If you follow and live by the truth, you will be divided from those who reject it and choose to continue to live by falsity.

If we only learn, and accept the current condition of reality, but don't embody within ourselves the path and way of Moral Truth and choose to live by it, then all that knowledge and understanding will not be used to produce action. What we do as we manifest our consciousness through action and behavior, is a part of who we are. Wisdom is doing something with what we know. "Actions speak louder than words." "You shall you know them by their action."

“To know and not to do, is not to know."
- Wang Yangming

This is living up to the potential of who we can be through our actions and behaviors, and creating a better potential reality for ourselves and everyone else. As each of us progresses in degrees of embodying and living up to principles of Moral Truth/Law/"Love", we become higher, realer and truer versions of ourselves.

This is part of answering and developing an understanding of the all-important question: “who am I?”/“who are you?”, to know-thyself.

Share, Speak and Teach Truth - The Great Work Level 4

Once you seek, learn and have knowledge of the truth of our current condition; understand what is true from false, right from wrong, moral from immoral, and accepted it; have chosen to live by truth and reject the falsity from our way of living; then we can help others do the same process of engaging in the hardest and most uncomfortable work in life - The Great Work.

This means we need to share, speak, teach and preach the Moral Truth to others for them to be exposed to the truth, right, morality and good, in contrast to how the world, and possibly themselves, is failing to live up to these principles of Moral Truth. This inherently creates adversity, opposition, conflict and division. Truth is against falsity.

Doing this requires that we have even more care, courage and will-power, and not fear the hostility of others who can't face the mirror of reality and themselves. This is the hard part of having people face the inherent division between what is true from what is false, right from wrong, and seeing how they are supporting or participating in the negative.

There is no voice of truth inherent in existence. Truth does not exist in itself. The Moral Truth, what is moral, right and good, requires a voice to speak about it. Those who are currently living, embodying, exemplifying and being aspects of the negative, falsity, immorality or evil, are not likely going to want to face the mirror and see what they are doing. They are conditioned by the current condition of reality. They have been tacitly accepting their way of life as "good" through the illusion of "good", and all the manipulative mind control word-magic spells cast on their minds. They think what is evil is "good" and what is wrong is "right", because they don't objectively know the difference between the two.


Truth is "Love" – Care for Truth – Embrace Truth – Live Truth.

Integrate with Truth and Morality.

Live integrated and connected.

Truth is one way – go all the way.

Truth is "Love". "Love" is Truth. Truth unites. Lies divide. Embrace Truth. Care for Truth.

Thank you for your time and attention. I appreciate the knowledge reaching more people. Peace.

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I can identify myself on that post...

BTW, welcome back! When you were on vacation I posted my journey after taking the red pill of reality. It's not easy to embrace the truth, but is healthy in the long run:

My experience after taking the Red Pill: Embracing the reality of identity politics/corruption.

Cool, glad you gained value from the content. Thanks, taking the red pill and seeing the corruption is needed to heal it ;)

Beautiful post. I love your article. Its really very psychological article. Thank you so much for sharing. Upvote and resteem done for this beautiful post.

'Truth is "Love" – Care for Truth – Embrace Truth – Live Truth.'

I agree @karnel, the truth should we fight for the master😎

Just here to read the comments.
I love how diverse this platform is, I'd be lying if I said I read all through. Lol

However , @krnel , I must say I have admired your zeal and generosity from far for a while now. Keep up the good work.

That's all. Greetings from Kenya .

Thank you ;) Enjoy the comments lol

There wasn't much to enjoy, nobody made me laugh :/

You demystified from all angle, i do care for truth, but our world today has made truth inglorious.

Seek Truth >>> Embrace and Accept Truth >>> Embody, Live and Be Truth >>> Share, Speak and Preach Truth

⬆That just the one and the only way of truth

Thanks for this enlightening post

You're welcome :) I'm glad you gained value from it.

worth resteem,inspirational content keep posting postive posts

speaking truth is another virtue among great eight virtues,. All religions in the world spread this message, I don't know why people rely on lie which is just like a sand house,

Many say that the truth will make us free but we must not ignore knowledge, without our societies can not advance...

you have a great writing experience

Greetings @Krnel. Good morning! Brother, you're going to have to give me the mobile number or the email address of the character who writes in front of your monitor, the publication really shook me up while I'm in front of the pc in the office.

Reaching a higher consciousness should be the goal of every human being, who plays at inventing parallel realities by extinguishing our true truth or the purpose of one of the true missions that we must achieve in our being "evolution".

Something that conditions us in our present is cause and effect, that is to say, the greater the freedom of reaction, the greater the dominion I will have of the present by activating a possible future according to something foreseen.

Another mission we have all been given is to preach the Truth but while we are absorbed in little things and the crumbs that fall from the table we will not be able to surpass ourselves, really stand on our own feet and take over the reins to do the most beautiful work that we have to do.
Thank you for this excellent post.

You're welcome :) I find cause and effect being understand to be empowering, and to understand how we guard and protect our own path towards the future and our fate, fortune and destiny. Envisioning the future is important to do so that we know where we are headed. It's all about walking on a path going somewhere, you have to know where you are going to get to the goal, objective or end ;)

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