Insulated from Feeling the Consequences of Our Actions

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The appearance of order and "good" that we perceive in how our life or society functions can keep us from seeing the reality before us that is pretty chaotic and "evil". We believe things to be one way, when they are not. As long as appearances are held up rather than looking deeper to the core substance of reality they live in, most people will remain trapped in illusions.


We are focused on external appearances, "beauty", fashion, hairstyles, makeup, jewelry, shoes, clothing, cars, and other possessions to enhance our image, appearance and perception by others. That's individually by our own doing. Collectively in society, we have appearances and illusions of "good" and "order" that prevent us from seeing the condition of our reality as it is.

Source, Source

Chaos teaches. By facing the negative or the problem, we can deal with it. Ignoring issues or being blind to them doesn't empower us to act and progress forward.

Living in insulated bubbles of perception -- from immersion in appearances rather than substance -- doesn't help. We don't see or feel the consequences to our actions as a society. It can take time before the causal forces reverberate back to us. Chemical toxic poisoning, fraudulent wars, false economic practices, and more, don't necessarily have immediate consequences for us to see or feel the effects of.

Gradualism and incrementalism of masking the corrupt condition while slowly appearing to progress towards "good" is counterproductive. Eventually, the weight of the ignored and undealt-with corruption, will crash. We need to face reality and reveal what is hiding behind the veiled appearances.

We need to see the corruption, the decay, to feel the negative, wrong, immorality and evil in our lives and the world, if we are to be motivated into doing something about it. But as long as we keep living in superficiality, in appearances that mask the substance of reality we live in, then we won't be heading in a really clear-headed direction.


Most people think things are "good" and getting "better", because that is the appearance they see around them. Some thing are indeed, but others things aren't. This done through the appearance of images and false reality they get inculcated with through the tel-lie-vision news; the fable of government "greater goodness"; the society that projects this imagery and illusion. But most people don't look deeper down to the core substance to figure out what is really going on in our lives and what we support or participate in creating in the world.

There is the appearance of a "win" and "victory" about how life is going. This makes us complacent and comfortable about the way things are and less willing or able to perceive the negatives that are still present.

The appearance of "order" and "progress" towards greater "good" in society is perceived, meanwhile we continue to allow the disorder, chaos and "evil" to exist and perpetuate. We are blinded by appearances that prevent a clear view of the overall condition.


The system -- and those who benefit from it at the expense of others -- must maintain appearances. We are deceived into accepting its necessity and march towards the imagery of "progress" and "greatness" for humanity. Keep up appearances, keep people thinking things are getting fixed, progressively, gradually, incrementally, and it prolongs the exploitation, suffering or corruption being perpetuated.


We think we are seeing a pretty nicely paved road, but there are many cracks we aren't seeing. If you let too many of the cracks show, then people become disillusioned in the system and see it more honestly in it's totality.

The system is part of our foundation of reality, our system of life, and cracks show weakness and disintegrity in that foundation and worldview. We lose our solid integrated worldview. We lose faith. We lose trust. We lose hope. Even when things are bad, if you can keep up a mask of appearances and convince people to believe in it, to have faith, trust and hope, they will buy into it, allow it to continue and even fight to defend it's falsity.


We are in geographic zones of comfort, blinded by the appearances of all the wondrous things like entertainment that keep us distracted. At this point of where we are as a species, we need to feel the chaos. This seems to be required for us to feel and perceive the crap we have created and continue to create. If we wait too long to feel what we are doing, it might be at a point where the popping bubble is too huge for many of us to survive it's explosive force. Rather than a small crash from a small elevated bubble, we will have a big crash from a huge bubble that has us floating high in the clouds of illusion, making us hit the ground of reality hard and with more suffering.

The substance of our way of living is not being honestly looked at. The substance of reality needs to be grasped in order to get out of the illusion of blindly accepting, trusting, hoping and having faith that these illusory appearances are actually working for us. Knowledge is empowerment. We have to face the chaos and negative, and learn from our mistakes. Truth can hurt, it can burn, like an acid eating away at the falsity, or a fire burning away impurities. But that is what it sometimes takes to clean up the growing infection.

Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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a very nice post sir @krnel.
Appearance is not everything, but everything sometimes starts from the appearance. For example, if you meet someone you've never met then the person asks / offers you help, what do you feel and do? Most of us sometimes attach defensive attitudes by judging them first by appearance. So it is not uncommon if those who look GOOD LOOKING get faster greeting even though not necessarily BEAUTY their GOOD LOOKING. So, not a few people who are deceived by the appearance.

Outward appearance is necessary but it would be better if balanced with a good inner appearance. Because something that looks can be seen from the invisible. :) For example:

A magnificent & luxurious house is not a guarantee of a happy family life
Good food & attractive packaging, not necessarily high nutritional value
The high office does not necessarily have the dedication and work ethic that is appropriate to the position
Luxurious soft mattress, does not guarantee we can sleep well
The number of books in our closet, not a guarantee we know all the contents of the book

It's very tiring if our lives are only spent on judging others without self-assessing and it is very tiring if we continually prove to everyone that we are good, right, great, wonderful, and so on. So, Do not Judge a Book By Its Cover. Priority assess the contents first, but do not forget to care for the packaging. :)

The world is a mirror is it not? What you see in others is usually if not always things you see in yourself. Once you recognize this you can begin to truly know yourself. Then the outside, temporary Bullshit just doesn't matter so much. Then you are free to be happy in any environment.

As a perfect socialite, you need sleek leather shoes, Aroma luxury perfume famous brand, With the latest model of elite model home suit. If there is time you need to salon for facials, pedimeni and with the help of hair stylist formed in such a way. That way your chances to be a party star open wide. The appearance only exists and works optimally in the party room only. No one asks if all you rent or borrow from neighbors. but everything we are grateful for all will feel beautiful and calm. regards from me @krnel

Hehe yeah fashion and hairstyle crap :P

Very eloquently presented, sir.

The scab has to be peeled off, and it's centuries old.
It will be painful.
Like you (matrix) says - some people will fight to keep their captivity.

I'm not sure at what point 'terminal velocity' of awakening will be achieved. (or can be achieved , in my more pessimistic moods...)

I feel like we are approaching that point, but who knows if this feeling isn't just some psy-op that we are all led into feeling...?

I t can happen, but it can also not happen. The more people that talk about it, the more potential to reach other and cascade into a critical mass where most others will just "go with the flow" towards a better way of life. It could be a false hope... but better to hope and try than not ;)

hope and try....

Agreed. 100%.

We try everyday by writing our truths.
And I hope the internet and blockchain will be the agent of change.

I remember in the early nineties and people were laughing at the noises of my dial up modem - and the blank look on their faces when I said this thing (internet) will be next biggest thing since the wheel....

It's unique.
We have nothing to compare to in history.

And blockchain is a 'truth ledger'(or lie ledger). If lies can't be covered - it's a good start..

Very nice post @krnel. What else I can say? You have elaborated things in an excellent way that I have no need to express my opinion. We are living in a state of slavery but we have a false impression that we are free. We are happy as a crowd but we are not happy as an individual. System has made everyone its slave. Even a person who thinks himself as a master is not better than a main slave of the system. This is the reality of the world.

Yeah, the system keeps us trapped and blind from realizing how much we are controlled :/

Another great post @krnel. I look forward to read your post ever chance I get. This article reminded me of the value of deeply understanding the reality of the world we live on in the most fundamental manner. I always strive to draw my conclusions on understanding rather than running with my initial perception of what I am dealing with throughout each day. I have found I feel seriously engaged in life this way, and not a victim of the ideas of others. Have a great day, peace be with you.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed and valued it. I appreciate that.

The end justifies the beginning the truth will always be revealed at the end of it . Insightful and informative post @krnel better days ahead

Thanks. The ends are justified by the beginning, not the other way around, otherwise the ends are justified by the means at people can justify anything to achieve ends.

Lsd helps tremendously in breaking down these barriers. If you can't find that YouTube easy dmt extraction and try that. Reality is so bloody subjective that if you ever met a perfect clone of yourself you wouldn't recognize each other. Hell you might not even like each other.

The ship makes the waves, not the other way around.

I missed matrix. I hope they could really make another continuation movie of it.

very informative

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