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My Brother Moved In For His First Day of College

and the only thought I had in my head is that his College degree will barely be worth anything when he graduates.

If that's the case, and college education is on its way out, what does that mean for society today? I think there will be a shift with over supply of entrepreneurs, a rise in online courses and entry level internships will serve as the new education.

First, Why Will College Collapse?

This section is to convince the 1% of non believers that college is, in fact, on its way out.

The rest of you can skip ahead to the 'What Does This Mean For Society' section if you like :)

Alright, to convince you I need to introduce my other brother, Seamus.

This is him Monday, right before he started his first day of Junior year in High School.

I talked to him today and asked him what he thought about college. He is still deciding if he should get a degree and mentioned some YouTube videos he watched talking about how it's not worth it...

Why Does This Matter?

Because he's stumbling into uncensored information about how the world works that's causing him to think against traditional society. Never before has information been so free and easy to consume.

Think about that for a second. My brother went on YouTube, probably to watch a vlogger, and YouTube SUGGESTED he watch this video about why college sucks. He's not actively searching for this info, but it's placed in front of him and all he has to do is click play..

Which brings me to my second point.


Seamus also says that people in his grade are making TONS of money dropshipping fidget spinners. And guess where they learned that skill? YouTube.

These kids are business owners at just 16 years old. That means by the time they turn graduating age (23) they'll already have 7 years of business experience compared to the 0 years of a recent graduate.

If these two people were up for the same job, who do you hire?

I also personally know a recent high school grad who started a dropshipping business this summer, is now making $700/day and has decided not to go to college. Oh, and he learned it all from YouTube. (He sells bracelets and watches if you were wondering)

YouTube and other social media platforms have made it so easy to consume valuable information that high schoolers, and even some middle schoolers, can figure out how to make money without someone telling them what to do. It's f*&king wild.

Oh yeah, and the 1.3 trillion+ in student loan debt also doesn't help. Fun fact, that type of debt can't be cleared by declaring bankruptcy. (See Forbes Article:

Ok nothing else I can say on that subject will be original so I'll stop my argument there.

Playing Devils Advocate

The party culture and networking opportunities are the only two things colleges have going for them. If they can promote the value of those two things, or pivot in a way to preserve them, colleges can evolve.

What Does This Mean For Society?


I believe this is going to cause a surplus of entrepreneurs. More and more people are going to learn skills online, start businesses from their homes and move into the entrepreneurial space.

Obviously things are really competitive in business so only the strong will survive. The rest will easily get jobs at various corporations bases on the skills they've gained from their business.


How to people get educated?

Many of you know this guy. This year Tai Lopez released two very popular online courses. They did two things: make Tai a TON of money and educated people on social media or real estate.

Now I didn't take the courses, I actually heard they were terrible, but that's not the point.

I believe YouTube and other free platforms will serve as a place where people can earn enough information to get started and gain experience in the profession they choose. Once they've seen some success, they'll invest in courses and mentors to get them to where they want to be.


For the people who aren't particularly self starters...

That's where the basic positions come in. These people will have to battle it out for the bitch work at the base of the company in hopes to move up later in life.

Maybe they'll take a course, gain some knowledge and then apply for a position. After time and experience gaining the necessary skills, they'll SLOWLY move up to more valuable roles.

These people will be raised inside a particular business and will operate fluidly with the company. I think it will result in more efficient work because they'll be trained with company protocols and standards.

What are your thoughts?

This is all just speculation and my sole opinion :)

Let me know your opinion in the comments!

P.S. I'm well aware that some unique professions might still need college, like doctors or scientists. But that's a small minority of college degrees. For the most part, college is done for.

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