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Twas just the other day and while doing my usual friendly daily boxing match with @r0nd0n all around MSP Waves chat spaces, we were called upon by @globocop to spar on the air about guns, yay!!! This was the usual fun fair spectacular and much fun was had by all involved on the show.

After the bright lights of the show dimmed and I was preparing to sign of so I could get ready to go to a medical examination, I get a message from Graylan (@gray00) in the chatspace asking me to head into the General Voice chat on the PAL server so we could talk. I say "I don’t have much time, but I will chat for as long as I can", Vlad (@vladivostok) also jumps in the room but does not speak throughout this entire experience… strange, but ok.

History time, Graylan and I have had numerous chats in the past, sometimes about considerably serious issues in life right through to light hearted banter and everything in between, I most certainly considered him a friend. (Much the same could be said about Vlad.)

Anyway, we get through the pleasantries and quickly shift into what’s been happening, I tell Graylan that im still having health issues and struggling with battling the insurer (I have written many articles on the matter), and that its been getting worse of late, no income, being treated poorly, depression, anxiety, etc. all of which is impacting my posting frequency, but im still fighting the good fight and doing what i can😊. Graylan responds with a need for working out the system and finding loopholes to get a leg up… all good so far…

Nek Minnit

Graylan starts talking about “steemit being dead” and how Smoke.io and DTube is the place to be to make money etc. then showers me with compliments and how it would be great to “have someone like me on the platform”. Well colour me flattered, but I respond with my usual, “it aint about the money for me its about the social interaction… interacting with like minded people, making friends, discussing interesting topics, etc.”.

Besides that Dtube has never really worked for me, again referring to a number of articles I have written on the subject. Graylan asks me about how I log in etc. and starts (what seems to be) trouble shooting with me, im thinking “coolies maybe it will work if I listen to him and do what he tells me”.

After some back and forth about my account, some details and how im using it, Graylan starts telling me that there is a $10 subscription fee per month to use the service hes signing me up for…. Im like "woah mate, im not down with any subscription fees, im a small account and don’t post that many videos in the first place AND like I said im not interacting as much because of my health issues, no income, etc. so I wouldn’t use it much, if at all".

But Graylan tells me that Vlad has already paid the first month for me to use it and its not a problem. I reiterate my previous statement indicating im not interested in using any paid services. I tell him im willing to check it out and help out where I can, time wise and promoting it if its good etc. The long and short is its, "thanks, but no thanks" and I have a medical appointment to get to now (which im now late for). Post event im in lots of pain and smashing meds so im pretty doped out for a couple of days.

Moving forward, I get a "merry xmas" DM from Graylan as well as a request for my email to complete the account set up and what have you… and well…. You can read the discourse for yourself…

Screenshot (33).jpg

So after being open, honest and polite about the situation and clearly some kind of misunderstanding on his end, im am met with a guilt trip , name calling and dummy spit that one would expect from a child…. Well, a child with a filthy mouth, lol. Oh and just to try to super hurt my feelings Graylan decided I should also be muted… (update: and then kicked off of Vlads server…). All this for what ? coz Gray and Vlad tried to strong arm me into using their payed subscription services and I said “no thanks”… then reiterated "no" when pressured again...

Screenshot (34).jpg

So lets get down to brass taxes here:

  • Graylan asks for a chat under false pretenses.
  • Vlad watches/listens silently
  • Graylan Segue’s onto the topic DTube for a sales pitch.
  • Tries to sneakily force me into a financial investment.
  • When I say "No thanks, cant afford it and wouldn't use it" CONVENIENTLY vlad is still silently there to “pay the day”… I mean “save the day” to get a commitment.
  • After saying “no” multiple times Graylan follows up after a cool down period.
  • Reiterating the “no” there is a guilt trip, name calling and dummy spit.
  • Additionally it appears I have also been “kicked out” of Vlads server for resisting the abuse of their behaviors combined.

Is this sounding a little premeditated to you? With particular intention ? cos it is to me....


Lets be clear here, this is straight up psychological and emotional manipulation, it is in no way acceptable behavior in my humble psychologically trained opinion. There are a number of references I could make to particular traits, but hey the DSM aint that hard to find so you can look up what this kind of behavior constitutes... so, i will leave that up to you, but let me give you a hint... it aint good ;)

I think now would be a good time to discuss consent as its clearly an issue which has played a part in this lovely adventure. I like to use the data within the video below as it is relatively simple to understand and is a clear expression of consent in general, well beyond the context expressed in the video... so please pay attention Graylan & Vlad, this jam is dedicated to both of you.


Now Graylan (@gray00) regarding what you said to me in the DM, heres the thing…. Im Australian and here in STRAYA, the land down unda, where beers flow and men chunder, where you “slip, slop, slap” (unless your norm) then get on ya bike have have a dig, and chuck on ya cork hat, ya wife basha, budgie smugglers and stubbies, not forgettin ya thongs coz it’s a cracka out there, and youd be pissed as a cut snake if ya had a blow out on ya trudge to the servo for a packa winnies and a gaytime, but it’s a rippa, its “you beaut” and true blue, coz ya can swing by the bottle’o so you can crack a longy of VB on ya walkabout back home, but watch for them bloody galahs and them flaming mongrels, cos the drongos will take ya for all that ya got, so tell em "hoo roo", but most importantly throw another shrimp on the barbie and have a fair suck of the sav, dodge them dingo babies, and just remember... you cant spank the monkey till the roo jumps the fence…

With all that being said, you now clearly understand that fundamental principal of what it means to be STRAYAN, so you may be able comprehend the spirit of this meme…



So you can call me whatever you want to in your little dummy spit tantrum coz you didn’t get you way and “close the sale”, this is a reflection on who YOU are as an individual and your actions speak louder than any words I could put together regarding the matter… but don’t get all sooky coz I called ya on it MATE 😉

Also, dont quit ya day job, Bahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

But if you feel like chatting about this further let me know, im a lovable chap, im a decent bloke, so im more than happy to set up a "pirate chat" so you can have your say on the matter, maybe you would prefer to General Voice chat again since it where it all started... but keep yo head in the game playa coz.... you dun really think you can step up.... do you ?


Oh yeah i went there..... i Marshall'd yo ass big time !!! LOL. Best get some Aloe coz you just got buuuuuuuurrrrrrned !!!! lol


Ok we have all had a fun time here today, we laughed we cried, some of us may have even died a little inside, lol. But its time to get serious on the subject at hand. A while ago I wrote an article on Detaching From Toxicity and I think it is quite relevant in this situation moving forward. We as individuals get to choose what kind of behavior we allow AND the people we allow into our lives. Its up to us to draw the lines in the sand on what is acceptable and how much we are willing to tolerate.

The kinds of behavior outlined are deplorable and fall directly into this category of toxicity as far as im concerned, as such I will most certainly be separating myself from these people as I don’t think taking advantage of a friendship, manipulating people psychologically and emotionally, preying on peoples kindness and weak moments , all for monetary gain…. are traits and qualities i want in people i choose to surround myself with.

Now i understand that this may be seen as a small discretion, but the volatility expressed from simply saying "no thanks" is a glimpse of what is to come. YOU choose how you allow yourself to be treated and i REFUSE to be treated this way and have no problem expressing that PLUS exposing the behavior associated with the interactions. So... take this with a grain of salt, but know this... you have been warned.

When interacting with people who do not respect you, your autonomy, your wishes and YOUR RIGHT TO SAY NO... you have to ask yourself a question...

Foo Fighters

Dont let others get the best of you, dont fall for their bullshit games and manipulations, and if you do get caught up in it dont be afraid to hit the EJECT button on the friendship at any point in time.... they just aren't worth it.

Ejecto Seato Cuz!!!


Some dont really know how to RESPECT. Good on you for throwing this type of shit out there. PEW PEW shot fired

Tanks mang, yeah these mofos be actin lit AF yo , lolz.


Respect is a funny thing. Shots fired at two people who did nothing that he is saying. Two people that were sincerely trying to help and do something nice for him. We both like cope, we don't always agree with him and speak our minds when we don't. This is a healthy thing. Neither one of us were in hopes of draining $10 a month out of him if he couldn't afford it, but we both thought that by making some cool videos of building cars, playing his guitar and singing, doing some cool stuff that not a lot of people are doing on dtube. Plus he sounds great on audio and has a great overall presence, and is knowledgeable in just about every area he would do very well on dtube, a lot better than he is going to do with posts like this, for which i gave him 100% vote for some creative story telling. I pay $10 for the uploader to support the project, and also provide customer support for free for this project, as well as provide, maintain and pay for an IPFS server to back up videos for customers and non customers alike, for free, and so does Gray. We don't push our services on anyone, and we help anyone that asks. So when Gray told me Cope was talking some crazy stuff, of course I sided with Gray because I know his side of the story cause I was there, and i have screenshots to prove the whole conversation of Gray inviting me to chat where nothing but good things were said about Cope. I was on another server editing a video and didn't have a mic set up on the other computer, which i use solely for listening to steemix so I couldn't join in the conversation but was trying to type but they didn't notice it. So after hearing he was complaining about the FREE SERVICE he was given out of kindness with no obligation to buy it again or at any point any insinuation to do so would be expected. I made a comment in my discord that I don't have time for ungrateful people. This is the truth. I removed him from the group. When i got kicked out of MSP i didn't go make a post about how mean MSP was, i talked to admin and stated my peace, we made an agreement that i would be let back in as long as i followed the rules, and i did. I talked to them like a man even though i was a bit upset too and thought they were wrong and I was right....I still do in fact but I don't have a problem being called on something if there is even a slight bit of truth to it. I will face my part and man up. I don't even consider this being called out, just a bunch of nonsense slander. I tried to talk on air last night, he said he couldn't have me on air cause it's not his show. lol. He didn't want people to hear my story, also no answer today from him about getting on chat so he can hear the other side, not just things he made up in his own head about our intentions. If you want to talk about support. I am copes 23rd biggest supported leaving 51 upvotes for him since i have know him
out of his 520+ followers I am number 23, but am all the sudden abusive because he didn't think to just say no i don't want it when we offered it for free if that's the way he really felt. I call bullshit, and shots fired is not accurate....fake news as he likes to say. That's what he is spewing all over you nice people. That's my side of it.


Only fair that all sides be considered. I am interested in this upload feature as I have problems uploading to DTube. Green House Radio Online would love to give DTube exclusive material from our shows but have faced difficulty in doing so.
As far as words between a few people I dont allow that to bother me. I do find amusement in public tantrums and name calling, lol.
So if you wanted to help me with my DTube issues I would be extremely grateful

Truth, engagement is engagement. The uploader works really great, dtube also works well if you prepare the video properly. Our team did a great job with this project and supporting people who is it. We also have a dtube fork now that we expect really great things from, my last video I posted was using this fork and it worked really well. Would be happy to help you and would be cool to have you guys ok dtube... always trying to bring quality content onto the platform.i think cope confused our passion for something sinister. Kinda of like steemmonsters starter pack give away, I don’t care for the game but support aggroeds mission and would never mistake being given starter packs as manipulation or expect just because I was given some cards that I be funded for life if I were to really enjoy the game and service. This is the hope I have for steemit that we can make innovations that are useful and fun that people want to support because it adds value to the platform. The work we are doing absolutely does. Let’s talk more and I can help. I am a supporter of the green house radio show and made one of the ads and had a great time making it, need to get the new show schedule and make a new one for you guys. Thanks for the reply brother

I appreciate your support. I love steemit for bringing people like us together who are looking to work and make things better for people. Talk with ya more about how we can add quality content to DTube.

Abusive for asking someone for an email address to fulfill an order gifted to them as a Christmas present. Sorry you feel that way.

What do you mean gift him something as a Christmas present, is this a one time only payment or will you/vlad be covering his subscription the entire time? Regardless, he already said he has no use for it, so why press on? I don't buy it, dude.

Posted using Partiko Android

I would pay for cope every month, if he wants..I don't care. cope has good content and i would love to see him post videos, the uploader is a really useful tool and I pay for it and use it too, i like it.

That seems noble of you vlad, but the fact was he had no use for it and that's good enough reason to back off imo. I get that you're just the funds guy in all this but what kind of friend does this kind of thing? It's like paying for a lifetime supply of shoes to a fish. He has no use for it. Not a fan of your guys' sales approach. I hope you see the error in your ways here and learn from it. I know no one likes to be called out or told they are wrong but the facts are undeniable. There's little room for misunderstanding here at all.

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there wasn't error in my ways. you only know his side of it, and it's really strange to be honest. he said he would like to post to dtube but it didn't work. I paid for a subscription to try and help him make extra money, that's all there was to it. He didn't say no, he said thank you. I wasn't selling anything, neither was Gray. We were hoping he would post some cool videos on dtube and make some extra money. I don't mind being called out as you call it. I got called out for doing something nice for someone. I am fine with that. you are entitled to think what you want but if you believe this post it's kind of proof that you'll believe anything you read.

@vladivostok excuse me ?!?! are you kidding right now ?

~ "He didn't say no, he said thank you."

You are straight up lying @vladivostok , again a display of who you REALLY ARE. I said "Thanks, but no thanks" , and have even presented evidence of that fact in the screen shots, yet you see that as me saying "thank you".... you twisted the crap out that shit to serve your purpose now didnt ya?

Honestly i am stunned you would go to this level to preserve your perspective when the evidence has been provided.... wow....

You are irrelevant

@graylan Ah no, abusive for trying to fool me into thinking your were HELPING me with Dtube all the while trying to sign me up for your bullshit subscription paid app after i told you repeatedly "no", and then calling me names and abusing the pathetic power you do wield to "punish me" for not gracefully letting you rape me...

Im sorry you lack the emotional intelligence to understand your actions are unacceptable and that you are "forcing yourself" on to people, let alone how inappropriate that is. The fact that you sit there trying to defend your actions i spite of all the evidence is more than enough confirmation of the fact.

Gray was being nice, you are tripping.

ah so calling people "ungrateful cunt" is being nice is it ? nice on mate..... dont piss on my back and tell me its raining...

i didn't call you a cunt

cant saty on point can you @vladivostok ? how about you actually read this line of comments again..... then try another way to justify your bullshit?

when did i say YOU called me a cunt ? AGAIN, its not always about YOU, and if you actually READ you may save yourself looking foolish, lol.

but go ahead try again, im curious to see what other delusions you try put forward as a valid excuse or reason for your actions

You are irrelevant

You are a lovable chap and lovely person Cope! Sorry you had to deal with this and also sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I understand depression and anxiety. If you ever want to talk I'm always around.❤️

Thanks izzy, much love and copious hugs in your direction :)

Ah its all good, just didn't think that this kinda crap would be going in hurr among people i considered to be friends. I tend to believe that if you learn from an experience, even considerably negative ones, then you grow and in that way you never really lose.

But to quote every parent psychologically scolding their child "im not angry.... im just very disappointed"

he sure is, that's why we tried to do something nice for him

come on @vladivostok stop trying to say "you were doing something nice", I SAID NO !!!! Can you not read? are you hard of hearing (consent video)? or are you a little slow cognitively ?

NO MEANS NO !!!!!!!!!!


and raise you one.... ;)

shall i play you some Nickelback as theme music/ soundtrack @road2nowhere ? lolz

Haha nickelback is perfect popcorn eating music!!!

I think chad kroeger said it best...

"And now I know who you are
It wasn't that hard, just to figure you out
(Now I did, you wonder why)
And now I know who you are
It wasn't that hard, just to figure you out
(Now I did, you wonder why)"

lolz @road2nowhere im starting to think you are CHAD and just tryina turn around the negative stigma of nickelback :P

But yer, def a good jam for the topic of discussion ;)

Well done, Cope! Sorry you went through that. Too often people take kindness for weakness and it looks like they chose the wrong one! I love your ability to navigate these kinds of situations. I agree with Globo, you'd make a great Host on mspwaves, but for now I enjoy your co-hosting on Clayboyn's show.

Thank you so much for sharing this experience with us here because people need to know that this kind of behavior is unacceptable! Shame on them for not being upfront and honest with their approach. I love the Straya bit! I tried so hard to decipher it 🤣 I know thongs are flip flops that's for sure.

Anyways, I hope @aggroed sees this. Vlad and Gray have had toxic interactions in the past with other people, so I've heard and witnessed. Vlad has been given a chance after being kicked from the PALnet server once before. He should know better. I never really had a solid conversation with Gray so I don't know what his deal is.

Big hugs and lots of love, if you ever need to chat you know where to find me! In California 😁 Okay it's 6am so I'm going to try to squeeze out a post before the kiddos wake up. ✌️❤️

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Ah no worries, wasn't a big thing for the feels as im pretty numb to it all by now, but its more the fact that that they had the audacity to "try it" in the first place AND im wondering how many people the GUILT TRIP into doing things they dun wanna do like that..... its more for people to be aware that there are people like this on the platform trying to manipulate and scam others and take advantage of their good will in their weak moments....

I do hope that people heed the warning to the interactions they have with people on the platform and have the strength to be able to overcome such bullying. its not on and i for one will not stand for it when i see it.... I DGAF who they are or "think they are", this kind of behavior is NOT ok

the HOOMAN CONDITION strikes again, lol

Ah, the hooman cuntdition. I hope you bring some light on this matter during tonight's show! Philosophize this topic 😄

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Well.... i guess we will see what we will see.... ;)

But keep in mind i gave an open invitation for these two to come have a chat with me in a Pirate Chat or in a Voice Chat Space within the article, however, i dont imagine that people who have to act deceptively this way for a measly 10 bucks will have anything logical to say on the matter at hand...

I mean think about it if they are so cowardly as to have to resort to "tricking" people instead of being direct with them.... what can we "really" expect ?

I hope they do take your offer to chat because then maybe they can see it from all angles and learn from their mistakes instead of defending shitty behavior.

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this is the post i made the day before doing something nice for you, this guy from poland sent me a jacket for being nice to him and giving him money in Poland for helping me find my way, I was just trying to pass on the good vibes cope, you got it all wrong. seriously. all wrong.

Does it look like i care about what "other people" think about you forcing them to do what YOU want ?

How about this ? dont force people to do things they dont want to do ESPECIALLY after the say "NO" multiple times. How about NOT trying to manipulate them psychologically and emotionally WHEN THEY SAY NO? how about not abusing them and calling them "CUNTS" cause they say no?

ah.... but you got nothing to say about that do ya @vladivostok ? cause you to cowardly to deal with the ACTUAL FACTS of the situation arent ya? semantics and digressions are your forte

Ohlala, Copee, well coped. I think we apply the term friendship too often to mere casual encounters online and in real life, too. Even though i like you, cope, i couldn’t call you a friend just yet, because the test of real friendship has not been met. That is not to devalue my me liking you, just the opposite. I have been an ass recently in chat, and people call me out for it - but somehow you managed to turn this greed encounter into something funny and to reflect upon. Well done.

I think you would make a great MSPW host, btw.

PS:// Google didnt translate the consent paragraph into English well, but i still had a good chuckle. Much love.

thanks for the comment @globocop, yeah a can see your perspective and am not offended in any way that you don't see me as a "friend" yet, lolz. our timezones and routines aren't really super compatible, but im sure with more interaction you will be able to decide if im the type of person you could consider a friend or not.

However, when i have counseled people on struggles and turmoil in life and have shared my life experience with them to try and help them through things (as i have in the past for both these people), i consider that level of interaction as "friends". We have exposed areas of weakness to each other, vulnerabilities, etc... the difference is that is dont use that knowledge to get an upper hand and try squeeze a few bucks out of them... then abuse them because i dont wanna by herbalife from them, lolz.

But we live, we learn, we grow..... and i am grateful for the experience as it has shown me their true colors...

BOOM!!!! lolz

much love mang and copious hugs in your direction...

good on you for calling people out, if things were legit they wouldn't have needed to take you to a private room!

Yes, they play very sneaky games, steal lie and cheat to get their way, but then apparently like to play the victim when they get called on their bullshit....


I never claimed you did something to me, you got banned from my discord for breaking the one and only rule, I didn't even make this rule but I have to enforce for fairness to the troop. Talk to the person who made the rule if you want to dispute it.

Ah ok, so what you are saying is tha BEFORE i said "no" i was ok to not be in your server everyday to quote you "its ok coz you are cool and i like you", but now i "have said no" you enforce it.... digging your own grave here mate...

Yeah keep laughing, all you are doing is displaying the kind of person you are.

P.S i know it hard for you to fathom but not everything is about you @vladivostok, the memes intent was for @graylan who acted up and then claimed I was the one acting up.

Well, after reading the article and all the comments, the one thing that sticks out above everything else is that this has been blown out of proportion to the original context, and that the entrenchment of the sides is not going to be helpful to either party.
But then, what do I know, I'm just an old yooper with no knowledge of such things.

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@vladivostok Glad you think its funny to try take advantage of people, scam them out of their money/crypto and treat them poorly, particularly people who have done nothing but try and help you in the past.... you are a full fledged MATE arent ya ? with friends like you who need enemies hey ?

but let me tell you this, what you guys did was planned and orchestrated, it was premeditated, you conspired to "get this done" and i called both of you on it.... so what you got to say for yourself ? or you just gonna plead ignorance to the facts ?

@vladivostok your silence on the matter is damming, lol. but don't think cause all you did was "finance" the venture that you are any less responsible, you should be ashamed of yourself.

I don't make any money when people subscribe, it's a good service that I pay for and use myself, I thought you would like it. I don't feel shame for trying to do something nice for you. I also pay to host videos on my IPFS monthly and don't ask anything for that, anyone can use it free.

yeah and sex is nice too.... but when you force it on people who DONT WANT IT you go to jail...

great analogy

well clearly you dont see the simple facts of the matter so an extreme is a way to exemplify the situation.... and yet you continue to be in denial of the fact s of the matter

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