Ultimate cause vs. Latent cause

in #philosophy7 months ago

Cause and effect is an interesting topic in philosophy. Let's apply it to coronavirus.

Although covid-19 might be the ultimate cause of death and they can write it down; since most of the deaths are the elderly, you might say the latent cause of death is age. None of us really escape that.

Another latent cause is a lifelong smoking habit. In Italy, a lot of people still smoke and especially the elderly and this makes them susceptible to diseases like covid, but also heart disease. Heart disease is officially the world's number one killer because it is the ultimate cause and the doctor's write it down instead of the latent cause. It kills 17 million people worldwide each year. So far, in five months, covid has killed 20,000 people. Compare that to the 8-9,000,000 for heart disease for which the latent cause of course is tobacco smoking and working in unsafe environments.

How far will the media go to protect the tobacco industry?

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