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RE: What we gain when we worry

in #philosophy4 years ago

I don't think you understand the very quote you have cited. This comment is clearly pointing out that worry is a wasteful endeavor that wastes valuable resources that could be spent more productively elsewhere.

If I could afford it, I would pay to have this shit flagged. And I fucking hate giving money to greedy cunts, so that would be difficult for me. But this post is worthy of betraying my code just because this is fucking embarrassing to see on the trending page- which is usually shit anyway, but this? This is just lazy, mate.

Just letting you know that this post will be featuring in my upcoming shitposts of month series. Congratulations.


As I've said elsewhere, #philosophy is a bit of a shit-show at the moment. As an actual philosopher, I oscillate between embarrassment and outrage.

I'm about to say something shocking: The top tweets with the philosophy hashtag are generally better than the trending philosophy posts here.

Add Psychology to that. I've come to the conclusion that the most simple, watered down, and farthest from actual philosophy or psychology an article is, the more popular it will be.

I just checked the tag out, I was expecting my post to be near the top but it took ages to find it. I didn't realise we now had so many philosophers on here. Perhaps it is time for a series of important debates. It's time to revive the masterdebaters..

Shall we do this?

lol harsh dude :P

what's harsh is what he had to experience in order to generate those truths..

the truth is never harsh to a lover of truth!

I really don't think so, but my ability to know what is normal is fading all too quickly.

You I totally get your frustration, I've read a few comments and posts about this subject that you have made. That being said, I think.. and I mean this with respect, that getting upset about it only drags you down.

Meaning, you are a good writer, I constantly go back to your safespace vr satire post, but i suspect that when you get worked up about shitposting and bot buying you don't enjoy your day as much.

Again.. I mean this as someone who reads you, you enjoys your content.. I don't worry too much about people who buy their upvotes because.

  • i can't make investors remove them from the platform
  • it would probably make invesment dry up in steem
  • not all investors are content creators, nor want to
  • the system/code allows it

I can be against it in principle, but i know that there is not a thing i can do. So I usually ignore, all the vote buying..

I appreciate this very much, but I'm really not who you think I am. I often come across as angry, because that's how people have been conditioned to respond to honesty, but in truth, it is incredibly difficult to anger me.

I will admit that I've not been as happy as I'm used to in recent months, but that's to do with much larger things than one lazy bastard buying his votes.

Again though, I do appreciate the concern, but you should know that a lot of the time I am just pointing shit out because no one else is, and I really feel someone ought to. At least I will never have to ask myself if I did enough.

not all investors are content creators, nor want to

If investors know that they're not content creators then why they post posts like that?
Its very obvious that that kind of post is not worth that upvotes.
Its greediness IMO.
Many people are abusing the system and Steemit, Inc. just ignore them. If they don't ignore, they are much very slow in dealing with this issues. An upgrade or hardfork is needed on steem blockchain. Maybe they're already planning it or not do anything about it because as we know and see Steemit, Inc. has huge money in there.

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