Capitalism's dead-end


As the specter of famine looms over the horizon, the Western societies, drowning in false freedom, have begun its inevitable decline from the inherent absurdity of its humanist principles. The purported absolute supremacy of “individual” freedom, coupled with unshaken belief in “free-market” solution to all social ills, have produced the curious phenomena, in which the rural areas, inundated with excess foods, are dumping their produce into the trash, while the urban centers, faced with shortage in food stocks, are rationing their limited supply. In the absence of government direction, the market has clearly failed.

The merchant societies of the West, long dependent upon importing the necessities of life from their colonial possessions in Africa and South America, have developed a curious economic system, divorced from all realities. The entire wealth of Western “capitalist” societies center upon their derivative schemes, speculations on promises of contracts that exist only in computer screens and ledgers of banking institutions. Their very measurement reference, currency, is but a promissory note of payment to be honored at some distant time in the future. This entire capitalist merchant scheme derives from the insane presupposition of infinite expansion on a planet with clearly limited space and resources. That the rape and plundering of North and South Americas from 1500s onwards, with the exploitation of the entire continent of African from 1800s onwards has fueled the capitalist economic model is conveniently overlooked by modern humanist historians and economists, when formulating their ridiculous predictions from their “think-tanks.”

And what exactly is a “think-tank?” The humanist West has lost all sense of perspective, citing echo-chambers of its own assumptions as research institutions in furthering their insane policies of unchecked capitalist expansion schemes. The evidence for capitalism is nothing more than parroting of rhetoric and propaganda to the ill-educated, over-emotional rabble, complacent in their religion of capitalism and individual freedom, which are but a failing economic system and a fragmenting sociocultural matrix. Market does not inform, nor pursue, social priorities; that the humanist leaders of the West are unable to formulate any rational policies for societies in this time of crisis, is an illustration of the deviltalising quality the capitalist economic matrix has upon a sociocultural system and a nation-state. Under the capitalist economy, the subjects of a nation is mutated into consumers, with only the “market” the unifying element of a society and culture.

Capitalist societies are but nations of whores, selling themselves, their children, their heritage, and their legacy for shiny things that clink. Rather than guiding their societies, in accordance with the principles, traditions, and identity of their culture, the consumerist whores in capitalist nations chase only money. That starvation will be the norm for the foreseeable future for their societies does not enter into their calculations in wasting food stocks; only the commodity trading price on some mercantile exchange is the sole guide to the whores’ decisions. And why should the whores concern themselves with the well-being of community, society, and their nation, when the West preaches humanist poison of “individual” freedom and rights as the only reference in judging behaviors? Having sold all their cultural distinctiveness in search of some globalist, “multicultural” ideal, the whores of the West does not even have a community, with which to identify, thus the incomprehensible narcissistic conduct displayed in all classes of its society.

This global crisis ought to be the wake-up call for the West to abandon the failing economic model, repudiate the toxic humanist perspective, and recover their lost heritage, culture, and identity. The West once was ruled under rational sociocultural system, under which every man had his place and every place for every man. Rather than rights and freedom, men must be taught their duties and obligations. Privileges of rank and class come with them more exacting obligations. Societies are not bound by money, cuisine, or feel-good slogans; societies are bound by two-way fealty: subjects are expected to lay down their lives without question for their society and masters, in return they receive privileges, power, and positions within the social hierarchy. Rather than money-based, prostitute social matrix, the modern world will need to return to an earlier era, in which community, society, and nation meant something more than abstract slogans.


You're assessment and diagnosis of the west is entirely accurate so in that regard your a fine Dr...But your solutions are far less than stellar and align near perfectly with the agenda of the coming Israeli Messiah who will rule the nations with an iron rod...But if you're a lover of irony like I am, it's an army from the far east that will, in the end, annihilate the mid-east...