Case files of the Lord Inquisitor, part 3


In a not so distant future, in examination room D-2931, within the bowels of the Inquisition for Community Errors, New Collective Union:

Prisoner T329: What is the point of all this? Why not just hand me over to a recycling centre?

Inquisitor 3204: Is there a limit to your narcissism? The universe does not revolve around your whim and convenience. Your entire being derives from the God-Emperor’s generosity, yet you presume to demand from Him the judgement you desire, for your transgressions against Him. Have you no shame?

P: Ha! So the manner of my death must also align with the caprice of your god-emperor.

I: Since our very lives derive from the state, we are all but possessions of the God-Emperor. If one of your livestock, be it ox or horse, took the liberty of putting himself out of the way, when you had no inclination that he should die, would you not be angry with him, even though you merely are allowed privilege of use? How much more so for the God-Emperor, who rightfully owns all His subjects, as is His right as the Father, should one of his children kills himself, without permission?

P: Of course, my death must conform with the needs of His Majesty’s utopia.

I: Finally, you are thinking correctly, Prisoner T329.

P: Ha! Correct thinking? You mean non-thinking. All your god-emperor demands is slavish obedience and parroting of insipid doctrines. Not only do you demand the produce from the sweat of our brows and inventions from the efforts of our intellect, but you require the very contents of our minds. Your New Collective Union is a frozen hell, in which all unassimilated ideas represent danger. Your “inquisition” is nothing more than a failing immune response of a dying society, seeking out any and all concentration of sentient mental energy in attempts to destroy them. Do you think you can effectively monitor the two billion minds of your slaves? Do you think you can suppress the intrinsic qualities of humanity towards freedom? Do you think you can deny the universal heritage of human kind to their fundamental rights? No amount of computational power from your “self-aware” being will provide adequate capacity to accomplish that.

I: Do you actually believe that you possess privileges not granted by the God-Emperor?

P: You god-emperor is a mortal being, just like you or me. All men are created . . . arg!

I: Again with you humanist drivel. Do you actually think that the humanist societies of the past allowed for divergent beliefs to spread unchecked?

P: The concept of “freedom of speech” may be foreign to the inquisition, but men free to speak their minds were the norm in the “degenerate” societies of the past.

I: What use is privilege to speech for the degenerates who are unable to think for themselves? How is it that the arts of the so-called “free” societies produce such singularly monolithic expressions? The film arts archives are littered with reiterations of same plot, characters, and conflicts. In fact, so monolithic and uninspired are your “free” men that they duplicate exactly the same film every decade or so, merely using different actors. The historical archives are filled with exactly the same perspective on every sociopolitical issues from a handful of information distribution centers. From paintings in galleries to mundane activities of exhibitionists, the only value, to which your “free” societies aspire, has been commercial gain. Your “free” societies merely consumed information passively, as the medium via which they access information encouraged passivity, allowing commercial interests to pursue profit via shaping society towards ever-more consumerism. Even the obvious dysfunctions of their subjects, in the form of mental illness, social isolation, voyeuristic subsistence, various addictions, and rampant suicides were normalised by the massive propaganda industries of your “free” societies in their films, theatres, music, and exhibitionist platforms. All societies and states control cultural expression to limit the effects of unassimilated mental energy, even your degenerate humanist societies. While your deaerates only channelled their resources towards commercial gain, our God-Emperor uses the resources of the New Collective Union to bring his subjects to further enlightenment.

P: Again, you cite the excesses of a few individuals to condemn the fundamental rights of men. Those failures of freedom are direct consequences of tyrants and oppressors who abused the rights of a free societies to enslave their fellow men. Freedom properly exercised brings about diversity of perspectives and entirely new creative endeavors. Much of the technical innovations that are used by your god-emperor to enslave his subjects were conceptualised and built by free men, exchanging information freely, under a free society.

I: Free exchange of information? Is that the reason for the so-called “intellectual property rights” that extorted vast resources by a few hucksters, from “free” people, for the privilege to use any and all technology and information? The belief that ideas can be owned is so ludicrous that the Academy for Psychosocial Advancement categorised such thinking as a form of mental illness.

P: Of course, the concept of property rights would be a foreign concept to a slave . . . arg!

I: Property “rights.” Did these humanist conman find these so-called “rights” laying around on the ground? It seems like a man could not even walk one step without encountering man’s “rights” to this, that, or other. From whence do these “rights” originate?

P: Ugh . . . the rights are fundamental natural laws that govern humanity.

I: How amusing. Perhaps, we ought to keep you at a zoo, so that creche infants can entertain themselves with your nonsense rantings.

P: All you have are illegitimate force and ridicule. You have no rational arguments against the natural condition of humanity.

I: All you have, Prisoner T239, is the pursuit of profane happiness. You have no further aims, no lasting vision, no redemption. You hold nothing to be sacred and holy, directing all you energies chasing fleeing pleasures and transient comforts. In order for there to be law, there must be a law-giver. Tell us, in your utopian humanist society, who gives laws, who enforces rules?

P: Freedom is the natural condition of humanity. The laws are intrinsic. There needs no enforcement of rules because men voluntarily associate with those who will provide mutual benefit, while these who are parasitic will be isolated. The market of free association will resolve all conflicts, through social and economic incentives and disincentives. Free men do not require the ICE wolves and decrees of god-emperors to know and do what is right.

I: So magic is it, that will bind your society?

P: Free societies are not bound by anything, or anyone. Free societies exist as the purest expression of the human condition. All humans know by nature, what is good and evil. It is not the decrees of your deluded god . . . arg!

I: We will not allow you to spew your heresy unchecked. Wishful thinking does not sustain a society. Nor mere knowledge of law, instinctual or not, provide any impetus for men to obey the said law. Law absent enforcement is no law at all. Without the Inquisition and the Agency for Security and Harmony to enforce the Holy decrees of the God-Emperor, the New Collective Union will dissolve towards anarchy. By necessity, any state shepherding a society, even you “free” societies, must secure a monopoly on force and violence; otherwise, its laws become meaningless. A lawless society is no society at all. How long do you think your “free” men will fare in a lawless anarchy?

P: Free men in a free society have no need for authoritarian government parasites.

I: Is that why the humanist “free” societies elected kings to rule over them? Because they had no need of government?

P: It is because men are imperfect and fallible that free men freely consent and contract to live under a limited government . . .

I: It is because the nature of men are in need of improvement that men must be governed. Your humanist heresy have evaluated the nature of man to be fundamentally good, by which error, they willfully ignore man’s heinous acts against his brother, his environment, and his God. The humanist heretics languor in self-congratulatory sloth, from their heresy of inherent goodness of man, debasing their humanity in filth and perversion. After all, if man is by nature good, then what of his natural appetites can be categorised as evil? The hedonistic narcissism of all humanist societies derive from this foundational heresy.

P: Free men have no desire nor need to be governed, nor do they seek to govern others. If you want pets, try dogs. It is not my responsibility to ensure the welfare of other, nor is my welfare the responsibility of others. No one has any right . . . arg!

I: You spew poison with every breath you muster. For the satisfaction of your narcissistic perversions, you would see our great society burnt to ashes. It is solely through the God-Emperor’s singular vision that two billion souls have been saved from the miseries of lawless anarchy, following the collapse of your humanist societies. From the chaos of violence, blood, and ashes, His Majesty brought forth order and harmony. He breathed life into the aimless, impoverished masses by gifting them with security, purpose, meaning, and even faith. The God-Emperor returned the realm of the sacred and the holy to a world that was once bereft of all value.

P: Arrggg! Sttoopp!

I: Learn to overcome the crass demands of your flesh and bone. Pain, even agony, is no more than sensory information. You are nothing more than a writhing, teeming mass of meat and chemicals because you lack a higher purpose. Your pursuit of profane happiness only retards your capacity towards enlightenment. Does your suffering serve any purpose, Prisoner T329? Your humanism has reduced you to a mere beast, living on instinct, existing purposelessly and meaninglessly. Freedom is a lie. Currently, you are nothing more than a slave to your appetites. You will learn.