Case files of the Lord Inquisitor, part 5


In a not so distant future, in examination room D-2931, within the bowels of the Inquisition for Community Errors, New Collective Union:

Prisoner T329: What sort of people tortures women and children? What kind of government not only allows, but instigates such brutality? The casual indifference to the suffering of its subjects . . .

Inquisitor 3204: Very good, Prisoner T329. You seemed to have learned your lesson. Only the God-Emperor commands good and evil. Your objection resides merely in the degree of enforcement.

P: You . . . revel in the torture of the helpless . . .

I: The Agency for Security and Harmony does not engage in torture. Your wife was being edified for moral failures.

P: Moral failures? Your government pumps out these GEW abominations for a society that not only tolerates such monstrosities but are wholly dependent upon them! What right do you or you god-emperor to judge . . . arg!

I: Hmmm . . . the Agency for Labor and Population Security would have a dim view on your characterisation of their work. The Genetically Enhanced Workers were, and are, a necessary reality for the proper functioning of the New Collective Union. The environmental disasters engendered by the degenerate humanist societies have resulted in most regions of this planet being inhospitable to . . . non-enhanced humans. Though we have managed to return much of the planet to habitable form, the Reclamation Crusade continues.

P: Ha! Rationalise your atrocities in any way you desire; it does not change the fact that you pervert the human genetic code to create monstrosities.

I: It is puzzling how you, an atheist, consider human genetic code as something . . . . sacred.

P: Individual human beings are sovereign and sacred. The human genetic code is an essential property of the individual, not to be tampered with by nefarious authoritarian regimes, or deluded dictator claiming to be god . . . arg!

I: Must you pollute our discussions with blasphemies and heresies?

P: Ugh . . . aren’t blasphemies and heresies the reason for my wardship under your “care?”

I: True enough. Human genetic code is a chemical process and nothing more. Is nature so fragile that it can withstand no tampering? Does nature brook no improvement?

P: Creating mindless slaves with genetic engineering is no improvement. Your so-called genetically enhanced workers are intentionally designed to have the mental capacity of 6-year olds! This amounts to nothing more than genetic tyranny!

I: Tyranny? The GEWs’ muscles and nerves are specially designed for labor. Their genetic enhancements allow them to thrive in environments unsuitable for non-enhanced humans. While it is true that their cerebral cortexes have been atrophied to minimize pain and suffering from inevitable injuries arising from their duties, all GEWs have been gifted with neural chips to guide and direct them towards their tasks. All the GEWs desire nothing except to perform their duties. How can you tyrannize creatures that do not feel pain?

P: I . . . have no words . . .

I: It is good that you acknowledge your errors. Your wife was also thankful to the God-Emperor for the edification received.

P: What offense has she committed against your god-emperor to merit the correction sphere? The so-called blasphemies towards the god-emperor and treason against the state were mine alone.

I: Do you still cling to the ridiculous notion of “individuality?” Your actions have consequences for your family, community, society, and the New Collective Union. You do not exist in a vacuum, regardless of what the humanist frauds claim.

P: Men are born as individuals, even you lord inquisitor, even your deluded god-emperor . . . arg!

I: “Individuals . . .” Tell us, Prisoner T329, from whence do these so-called “individuals” derive their identity? Does identity spring forth from aether unbidden? Do men merely choose their identity from the myriads scattered about in nature? Is there a vault full of identities, from which men purchase one? A man’s identity is granted to him from His Holy Majesty through his existence within the New Collective Union. A man derives his identity by acknowledging his connection to his environment, his relationship with his community, his place within the New Collective Union, and his allegiance to His Holy Majesty. A man disconnected from all these exist in limbo without any sense of self or being.

P: Your New Collective Union did not spring from aether either. Your utopian society is built upon the advancements of previous humanist societies that thrived on this planet without crushing man’s individuality, freedom, and rights.

I: The degenerates who founded their civilisation on sands of falsehood and faded away precipitously by the coming tide of destiny. They are remembered only as a warning, not as some archetype to be emulated.

P: Only if the degenerates surrendered their freedom, rights, and property to petty tyrants, then they would be living “enlightened” lives?

I: The degenerates faced civilisational crises from environmental catastrophes to economic collapse. Yet, how did your humanists address them? By haphazard, sporadic, and inadequate measures designed only to satiate their subjects into complacency without instituting far-reaching sociopolitical solutions to address the crises that ultimately resulted in their civilisations’ collapse.

P: The humanist civilisations failed due to inadequate technological advancements. Their sociopolitical arrangements are irrelevant to their failures in addressing global catastrophes.

I: The humanists arranged their society based upon commodifying creation, communal relationships, societal duties, and even cultural heritages. The global crises, which ultimately swept away their degenerate societies, were direct consequence of the humanist greed in raping everything on this planet, in order to mutate it into their standing reserve. How is it that you consider their deranged sociopolitical arrangements to be irrelevant regarding the global catastrophe?

P: Again you cite actions of few individuals as representative of a complex sociopolitical matrix.

I: “Individuals?” Tell us, how is an “individual” created? This ludicrous concept is merely a byproduct of the humanist commodification process. When all foundations of man’s identity is reduced to standing reserves through commodification, then man is left without any understand of self. Such a man exists in a limbo without any reference or guiding star, listlessly floating through life, reacting merely to exigencies like beasts and livestock. Your “individual” is such a man, divorced from his identity, replacing his sense of self with rampant consumption. A world, in which every aspect of life is reduced to standing reserves, eventually man finds himself reduced to mere commodity to be bought, sold, and stored. A man can begin to learn who he truly is only by reaching to his beginnings, by grounding himself in the historical, social, cultural, and environmental contingencies, and by immersing himself to the destiny born of a singular ruler’s vision.

P: Ha! It is your New Collective Union that reduced men to mere tools.

I: Incorrect, Prisoner T329. The New Collective Union does not exist in social chaos of disparate, antagonistic factions of “individuals” pursuing their myopic profit or advantage. The infinite potential of His Holy Majesty’s subjects from GEWs to Transcendi is channeled through a conduit, which is the divine vision of the God-Emperor; the New Collective Union coordinates all the creative efforts of its subjects towards a civilisational destiny.

P: You god-emperor has no right . . . arg!

I: The God-Emperor has the sole right to determine the historical destiny of the New Collective Union. Your humanist societies are extinct. It is astounding how you possess the unfailing capacity to believe what you prefer to be true, rather than what the evidence shows to be likely and possible. Your humanist social constructs were more interested in scapegoating a particular faction, empathizing with certain victim classes, measuring GDP growth, and ensuring “market” functionality, rather than pursuing the true purpose of a state: providing a vision of civilisational destiny, towards which all technological, artistic, industrial, political, and religious projects coordinate.

P: Ugh! No more . . .

I: What were the responses to global catastrophes by your degenerate humanists? Persistent and consistent deflection and deferment of responsibility and exercise of power, while antagonistic factions within the sociopolitical matrix shredded their societies apart. The technical advancements, of which you spoke, only fueled its own progression towards efficiency - maximal extracting of resources with minimal effort. In the end, humanist technology efficiently converted all of humanity into standing reserves, to be used to further even more technical advancements. They designed their living space with roads that were built to maximize transport of resources, but little to no space reserved for humans to walk. Their agriculture was industrialised to mine resource from the land, not to harvest food in sustainable fashion. Their factory fisheries efficiently depleted the ocean’s bounty, in order that their annual GDP figures display “growth” of their economy. As these humanists commodified and raped this planet into desolation, increasing percentages of their economy was dedicated to frivolous entertainment and useless services. Without a god, or even a king, to provide a purpose, the fragmented, hollow residues of humanity expended their last remaining efforts hoarding virtual baubles to secure their . . . “freedom,” even as the planet died before their eyes. Your “individual” humanists reduced themselves to mere biofuels for their false gods of technology.

P: Ugh . . . what . . . would be the solution to their problems?

I: Finally, you are receptive to asha towards enlightenment. Only by their capitulation to a single throne, which brings revelation that ruptures the consciousness of the era, could the degenerates have saved themselves. Men must respond to this call towards their destiny or become extinct. We all know how and why your humanist scum have become a mere footnote in the drama of human history.